XFL 2020 Rules (Proposed)

To experiment with proposed rule changes, the XFL is running test games with community colleges, "Your Call Football," and the “Spring League” during its Spring 2019 season.

Among the proposed rule changes:

  • During kickoffs teams will separated by only five yards, with the both teams not allowed to cross the neutral zone until the returning team touches the ball.
  • Fair catches will not be allowed. The kicking team must give the returner a five yards zone to recover the ball.
  • No converts. The extra point kick will be replaced with a scrimmage play, varying in point value depending on how far the touchdown-scoring team chooses to take the snap from the goal line: a two-yard attempt would score a single point, a five-yard attempt two points, and a fifteen-yard attempt three points.
  • All players behind the line of scrimmage will be eligible receivers, including those on the offensive line. Offensive linemen would still be prohibited from advancing downfield before a forward pass that crosses the line of scrimmage is in the air.
  • A one-yard neutral zone at scrimmage (like the CFL).
  • Offensive linemen (excluding the snapper) are not required to put their hand on the ground, outlawing the three-point stance used at all other levels of the game.
  • The XFL is experimenting in allowing a double-forward pass.
  • Outside of the two-minute drill, the clock will run continuously.
  • The play clock will be substantially shorter, with a proposed length of between 25 and 30 seconds.
  • A specialized “ball-judge” referee will be added to the officiating team to speed up the placement of the ball, bringing the number of on-field officials to eight.
  • Instant replay reviews will be limited to 30 seconds.

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