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XFL President Jeffrey Pollack: Hopefully we'll be headed to a relaunch at the right time

Our business was working, our proof of concept was successful, and we were on our way to a phenomenal first season. Mark Nelson

Confirmed. XFL bids are coming in

It is also confirmed that the XFL has "prospective bidders coming from both the media/entertainment and pro sports worlds." Mark Nelson

The Innovations of the XFL continue to change professional football

Innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future. Jai Nokes

XFL Auction set for August 3rd

Even though the auction will be settled on the 3rd, the sale will be confirmed four days layer. Mark Nelson

Unbelievable interest in the gutted XFL

The “robust market” has come as a surprise to the firm Houlihan Lokey, the XFL’s global investment bank that is handling the deal. Mark Nelson

Vince McMahon claims he does not plan to buy back the XFL

I don’t know why that’s out there, making me out to be the bad guy Thomas Shanks

Is Vince McMahon trying to buy back the bankrupt XFL?

May be deemed as one of the most incredible sports business moves in recent history. Thomas Shanks

XFL Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The filing revealed that the WWE did have partial ownership of the league at 23.5%. MJ Hurley

XFL Suspends Day to Day Operations

XFL COO Jeffery Pollock held a conference call to read a statement. MJ Hurley

Analyzing Tampa Bay Vipers trades during 2019-2020

Seven trades, and how they ended up working out for both sides. Greg Parks

Additions/Changes the XFL Should Consider for 2021 Season

Some things the league might want to consider when they start to plan out the 2021 season. Anthony Miller

2020 LA Wildcat takeaways and a sneak peak into 2021

Key takeaways from the season, and a look at what players might make the jump to the NFL. MJ Hurley

Season in Review: 2020 Dallas Renegades

A season filled with high expectations, the Dallas Renegades were hoping for big things from their team. Anthony Miller

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