XFL Houston hires Jennifer Germer as Marketing Director

(19-Jun-2019) Brian Michael Cooper, XFL Houston team president, today announced his first team business hire in former Houston Astros executive Jennifer Germer who has joined his team as the team's marketing director. In her new position, Germer will lead XFL Houston's... Read more

XFL Names Fred Harner to Lead Content and Media Initiatives

(17-Jun-2019) Stamford, Conn., June 17, 2019 - The XFL today announced that Fred Harner, most recently Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at SportsNet New York, has been named Senior Vice President of Content and Media. In his new position,... Read more

New York XFL Summer Showcase Recap

(15-Jun-2019) Since last year, there have been several steps taken to set the XFL on course for 2020. From the financial commitment of hundreds of millions of dollars, to the brilliant hire of Oliver Luck, to all the credible coaching and front office hires, to... Read more

XFL Springs into Action Again, Testing Rules, Scouting Players

(12-Jun-2019) Stamford, Conn., June 12, 2019 - The XFL today announced that it will again partner with The Spring League, an elite professional football development league, to scout talent, test potential rule adjustments, and experiment with potential in-game... Read more

Showing up for the XFL's Summer Showcases

(10-Jun-2019) The drive starts for a young quarterback, who is trying to score big. The sweltering heat in Texas is upon him. His blood is boiling, nerves are jumping and his heart is racing at an all-time high. He's been waiting for this opportunity his whole... Read more

XFL Reveals 2020 Ball Candidates

(09-Jun-2019) As part of their Summer Showcase series, the XFL revealed a selection of ball options they are testing for the upcoming inaugural season. As part of our #XFLShowcase process, we are testing a variety of game ball options and gathering feedback... Read more

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XFL 2001 Archive

XFLXFL 1.0 was born on 3 Feb 2000, and died on 10 May 2001. In that short time, the football league was formed and eight teams played one full 10 game season.

Created by the wrestling guru Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind the success of the WWE, the XFL was promoted to be "Smashmouth Football", and the on field product was designed to be fan-friendly.

This site was the unofficial home to XFL fans. Today, the files from 2000/2001 remain as an archive, dedicated to the fans of the XFL.

The Story of the XFL

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Rewind: Do you remember how the XFL was cancelled?

(Originally published 10 May 01) ...Joining us on the call today are Vince McMahon, Chairman of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Dick Ebersoll, Chairman of NBC Sports and Olympics, Bazil Devito [sp], President of the XFL... Link to Transcript of Cancellation News Conference

Rewind: Lightning Does Strike Twice

(Originally published 19 Feb 01) Read how the Bolts Got their 2nd Win and how our team reporter almost got booted from the press box for cheering too loudly.. Link to Article

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