XFL quick win: Out-plan the NFL and NCAA

If the XFL can lead all football leagues in health and safety protocols, fans get their best chance to watch football and the league its best chance at success. Mike Ellison

Five things we learned in the first week of the XFL under new ownership

We've already learned a little about the future of the XFL. Here's what we've been able to glean so far. Greg Parks

The future of the New York Guardians in XFL 3.0

A big part of the future will be the new ownership's view of Kevin Gilbride, and whether he is willing to take another leap of faith. Mike Mitchell

Football fans celebrate the sale of the XFL, but is reality now setting in?

Although we'd like to see the XFL rush back onto the field, COVID-19 and business realities may be setting in for a longer stay.  Mark Nelson

XFL 3.0: The Return of the Players League

XFL players on how do they feel about the league and its purchase. Will they come back? MJ Hurley

Three Potential Coaches Who Could Replace Pep Hamilton

With the XFL returning, the league must decide on how to replace former DC Defenders head coach Pep Hamilton and they have plenty of options. Anthony Miller

New XFL ownership after $15M sale: starring Dany Garcia and The Rock

Rock, paper, for sale, sold! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Dany Garcia look to continue building their empire as part of the new XFL ownership group. Mike Ellison

Press Release: Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners Acquire the XFL

Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners have been selected as the winning bidder for substantially all of the assets of Alpha Entertainment LLC, the parent company of the XFL.  XFL Press Release

Analyzing the potential buyers of the XFL

We should know by next week who will ultimately purchase the league in bankruptcy court, and potentially run it in the future. Greg Parks

XFL President Jeffrey Pollack: Hopefully we'll be headed to a relaunch at the right time

Our business was working, our proof of concept was successful, and we were on our way to a phenomenal first season. Mark Nelson

Confirmed. XFL bids are coming in

It is also confirmed that the XFL has "prospective bidders coming from both the media/entertainment and pro sports worlds." Mark Nelson

The Innovations of the XFL continue to change professional football

Innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future. Jai Nokes

XFL Auction set for August 3rd

Even though the auction will be settled on the 3rd, the sale will be confirmed four days layer. Mark Nelson

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