Oliver Luck talks XFL gimmicks, head trauma, the AAF and gambling

(18-Mar-2019) On Monday, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck was a guest on the Bloomberg Business of Sports Summit podcast. Hosts Carol Massar, Michael Barr, and Jason Kelly interviewed Luck about the business aspects of the upcoming league. When asked about the differences... Read more

How far outside the box is the XFL willing to go?

(17-Mar-2019) XFL CEO Oliver Luck has made the media rounds for several months now. He's done hundreds of interviews where he has stated that the 2020 version of the XFL will lean more towards being a conventional pro sports league than the 2001 version. It may... Read more

XFL rule testing with "Your Call Football"

(11-Mar-2019) XFL head coaches Jim Zorn (Seattle), Marc Trestman (Tampa Bay), and Pep Hamilton (Washington D.C.) recently spent time working with "Your Call Football" in another test of the proposed XFL rules. Great to have @xfl2020 and their head coaches here... Read more

XFL partners with Your Call Football to test new rules

(11-Mar-2019) Stamford, Conn., March 11, 2019 - The XFL today announced that they are testing new rules under consideration before its February 2020 kick off with Your Call Football (YCF). Testing occurred during YCF practices on March 7-9 and will continue this week... Read more

In 2020, please consider an XFL without Cheerleaders

(10-Mar-2019) Eighteen years ago, when Vince McMahon talked about the first version of his pro-football league, he continuously made the boast that his league would have the best cheerleaders. He insisted that football and cheerleaders belonged together, and that... Read more

How changing the game again is the XFL's best bet for success

(10-Mar-2019) For better or worse, the original XFL changed the way football is broadcasted forever. There are some football fans who don't even realize it, as they are not old enough to remember the original XFL nearly two decades ago in a pre-HD era. Everyone... Read more

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XFL 2001 Archive

XFLXFL 1.0 was born on 3 Feb 2000, and died on 10 May 2001. In that short time, the football league was formed and eight teams played one full 10 game season.

Created by the wrestling guru Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind the success of the WWE, the XFL was promoted to be "Smashmouth Football", and the on field product was designed to be fan-friendly.

This site was the unofficial home to XFL fans. Today, the files from 2000/2001 remain as an archive, dedicated to the fans of the XFL.

The Story of the XFL

Do you recall how the XFL was born? Do you want to know how it ended? (Read the Story)

It was 18-years ago. How well do you remember the XFL?

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Rewind: Do you remember how the XFL was cancelled?

(Originally published 10 May 01) ...Joining us on the call today are Vince McMahon, Chairman of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Dick Ebersoll, Chairman of NBC Sports and Olympics, Bazil Devito [sp], President of the XFL... Link to Transcript of Cancellation News Conference

Rewind: Lightning Does Strike Twice

(Originally published 19 Feb 01) Read how the Bolts Got their 2nd Win and how our team reporter almost got booted from the press box for cheering too loudly.. Link to Article

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