XFL Video Gallery

XFL commissioner Oliver Luck announces the hiring of former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops as the head coach and general manager of the XFL team in Dallas. #XFL2020
Eight XFL cities and venues are announced.
The future of football kicks off in 2020. See Vince McMahon introduce his new league that puts fans above all.

XFL 1.0 Video Archive

ESPN's Jonathan Coachman reflects on the backlash a racy XFL commercial caused the league after many found the spot to be distasteful.
Homer Simpson has to be told the XFL has folded.
A video montage promoting the vote for XFL All Access Moment of the Year. You see coach Criner letting his players make decisions, Tommy Maddox tirades about Jose Cortez's kicking abilities, Charlie Puleri in a verbal battle with the NY fans, and Demon's QB Mike Pawlaski give a passionate locker room speech. Note: The moment that got most votes was the Tommy Maddox tirade.
A video promotion from Week 7 says it all. If you are still not sure whether the XFL was real football, then watch this a couple of times. It is kind of corny, but it is truthful, and gives true homage to the players.