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Question: What do all these entries have in common?

“As the 1st quarter wound down on a beautiful evening in the Jewel of the Desert, it was announced that the outstanding Las Vegas Outlaws’ defense, as the result of a local contest, had been named ‘The Dealers of Doom’. ” (link)

“In the Bible David beats Goliath in one of history’s first upsets. For most of Saturday night it looked like that might be happening in Birmingham but in the end the rain began to fall and the game as well as the Bolts season slipped away as 10 thousand cold and wet fans watched helplessly.” (link)

“The Enforcers defense, with the exception of late in the game, played very poorly yet they were able to shut out Birmingham Sunday night. Birmingham drove the length of the field three straight times in the first half, but in this battle of “Who wants to win less,” they were unable to cross the goal line.” (link)

Answer: They are taken from stories written by XFLBoard team reporters in 2001.

Let’s do this again!

Just like we did for XFL 1.0, XFLBoard is looking for team reporters in each of the XFL cities. If you plan on following your team this coming XFL season, and you are an amateur writer, we’d like to host your articles on this site.

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  • To surprise your high school English teacher with on-line published works like, “The XFL in New York – An Essay in Special Teams.”

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