XFL Transactions

A list of recent XFL player transactions. Source is noted.

2023-01-30St. Louis BattlehawksSigning former Michigan DB Lavert HillXFL Analyst
2023-01-30Arlington Renegades / DC DefendersArlington Renegades and D.C. Defenders have announced a trade.

ARL receives: Zimari Manning, WR, Tarleton St

D.C. receives: Cameron Lewis, DB, Louisiana St
2023-01-30Arlington RenegadesSigned FB/TE Jake MolinichXFL Analyst
2023-01-30Vegas VipersQuarterback Bryan Scott & The Vegas Vipers have decided to part ways.

The Vipers are bringing in NFL Veteran Brett Hundley to be their starting Quarterback.

XFL Analyst
2023-01-29Orlando GuardiansSigned OL Abdul BeechamXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Houston RoughnecksSigning WR Osirus MitchellXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Arlington RenegadesSigning DB Cre’Von LeBlancXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Houston RoughnecksSigning LB Charles WileyXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Orlando GuardiansSigned QB Paxton LynchXFL Analyst
2023-01-29St. Louis BattlehawksSigning DB Tim HarrisXFL Analyst
2023-01-29St. Louis BattlehawksSigned OL Eric Magwood from Middle Tennessee StateXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Houston RoughnecksSigned former Texans WR Davion DavisXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Houston RoughnecksPlaced DL Austin Edwards and DL Derrick Roberson on the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-29Arlington RenegadesPlaced TE Isaac Nauta on the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-28Seattle Sea Dragons / St. Louis BattlehawksTRANSACTION: The Seattle Sea Dragons and St. Louis Battlehawks have announced a trade.

SEA receives: Kai Absheer, OT, Florida International

STL receives: Charlie Taumoepeau, TE, Portland St

2023-01-28Houston Roughnecks / DC DefendersTRANSACTION: The Houston Roughnecks and D.C. Defenders have announced a trade.

HOU receives: Sam Cooper, OL, Merrimack

D.C. receives: Caliph Brice, LB, Florida Atlantic

2023-01-27Arlington RenegadesActivated OL George Moore off the Reserve List
XFL Analyst
2023-01-27St. Louis BattlehawksReleased DL Seth WalterXFL Analyst
2023-01-27DC DefendersPlaced DL Niles Scott on the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-26DC DefendersFree Agent Signing:
WR Chris Blair
XFL Center
2023-01-26San Antonio BrahmasSigning TE Darrell DanielsXFL Analyst
2023-01-25Houston RoughnecksSigning DL Tim WardXFL Analyst
2023-01-25San Antonio BrahmasReleased DL Owen ObasuyiXFL Analyst
2023-01-25DC DefendersWR Jazz Ferguson placed on the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-25DC DefendersSigning WR Chad HansenXFL Analyst
2023-01-25DC DefendersSigning CB Michael Joseph (Dubuque)XFL Analyst
2023-01-25San Antonio BrahmasSigning DL Javier EdwardsXFL Analyst
2023-01-24Orlando GuardiansSigned Punter Johnny TownsendXFL Analyst
2023-01-24Orlando GuardiansRe-signed TE/LS Tommy AugerXFL Analyst
2023-01-24San Antonio BrahmasSigned:
CB Justin Martin

WR TJ Simmons
DL Kelvin Pinkney
CB Coney Durr

Placed on Reserve List:
DE Julian McCleod
XFL Analyst
2023-01-24Orlando GuardiansReleased P Andrew Anckle, DL Dalyn Wade-Perry, DL Anthony Luke

Re-signed DL Emmanuel Olenga
XFL Analyst
2023-01-23Houston RoughnecksReceived in trade from San Antonio:
Kary Vincent, CB, Louisiana St

Traded to San Antonio:
Darece Roberson Jr., WR
2023-01-23San Antonio BrahmasReceived in trade from Houston:
Darece Roberson Jr., WR, Wayne St (MI)

Traded to Houston:
Kary Vincent, CB
2023-01-23Vegas VipersSigning WR Geronimo AllisonXFL Analyst
2023-01-23Vegas VipersSigned DL/OL Khalil McKenzieXFL Analyst
2023-01-23St. Louis BattlehawksSigning OL Dallas WarmackXFL Analyst
2023-01-23Arlington RenegadesSigned:
CB Nasir Greer

Placed on Reserve List
TE Dominick Wood-Anderson
WR Kameron Brown
XFL Analyst
2023-01-23Seattle Sea DragonsSigned RB Cam’Ron Harris

Released DL Shareef Miller
XFL Analyst
2023-01-23San Antonio BrahmasSigning WR Fred Brown, DL Jamahl Johnson, and DL Owen ObasuyiXFL Analyst
2023-01-23Houston RoughnecksSigned WR Tavonn Salter

WR Chris Booker
XFL Analyst
2023-01-23Arlington RenegadesSigning WR/DB Rannell HallXFL Analyst
2023-01-22Houston RoughnecksReleased DB Kevin Tolliver and OL Shaquille MorrisXFL Analyst
2023-01-22Arlington RenegadesReleased WR Chad Williams and DB Debione RenfroXFL Analyst
2023-01-22Orlando GuardiansSigned DB Elhasaan Ibrahim

Released DL Emmanuel Olenga
XFL Analyst
2023-01-22Houston RoughnecksSigned DB Coby Tippett XFL Analyst
2023-01-22Vegas VipersReleased OL Ben Petrula and TE Jordan WilsonXFL Analyst
2023-01-21San Antonio BrahmasSigned:
OL Damien Mama

WR Camron Lewis
WR Tabari Hines
TE Trayvon Hards
OL Jonathan Irizarry
DL Nick Raby

DB Sean Williams has also not reported for camp yet, as he is still awaiting approval from the United States Navy
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21Seattle Sea DragonsReleased:
WR Imoni Donnadelle
DL O’Bryan Goodson
DL Howard Stephens
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21Seattle Sea DragonsReleased QB Brian LewerkeXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Orlando GuardiansSigned:
WR Javonta Payton

OL/DL Joshua Frazier

OL Shawn Page has been placed on the Reserve List
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21DC DefendersReleased RB Shane SimpsonXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Arlington RenegadesReleased:
DL Kaleb Prejean
OL Mike Van Hoeven
DB Coby Tippett
WR Quintin Vinzant
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21Seattle Sea DragonsPlaced TE Joshua Perkins on the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Seattle Sea DragonsReleased OL Jared AikenXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Vegas VipersReleased WR Isiah MacklinXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Vegas VipersReleased RB Matt JonesXFL Analyst
2023-01-21St. Louis BattlehawksDB Brendon White, who was placed on the reserve list, has signed with the Massachusetts Pirates of the IFLXFL Analyst
2023-01-21St. Louis BattlehawksReleased DB Jakoby PappillionXFL Analyst
2023-01-21Houston RoughnecksReleased DB Devin HaffordXFL Analyst
2023-01-21DC DefendersReleased:
TE Bernard McCall
OL Lawrence Keys
DB CJ Anthony

LB Trent Harris
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21DC DefendersReleased Punter Jake SchumXFL Analyst
2023-01-21St. Louis BattlehawksReleased:
RB Darius Bradwell
WR Bryce Nunelly
OL Tison Gray
DB Tareke Lewis
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21Orlando GuardiansReleased:
QB Mitch Kidd
WR Aaron Dilworth
TE Tommy Auger
TE Vincent Hobbs
DL Justin Foster
XFL Analyst
2023-01-21San Antonio BrahmasReleased QB Anthony RussoXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Seattle Sea DragonsSigning DL Niko Lalos and OL Michael MenetXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Vegas VipersSigned RB/WR Brian BurtXFL Analyst
2023-01-20DC Defenders Signed OL Rod Taylor Jr and OL Kyle MurphyXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Orlando GuardiansSigned OL Fred LauinaXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Houston RoughnecksPlaced on Injured Reserve:
LB Ellis Brooks, OL James Stanley
XFL Analyst
2023-01-20Las Vegas VipersPlaced on Injured Reserve:
DB Kevin McGill
XFL Analyst
2023-01-20San Antonio BrahmasPlaced on Injured Reserve:
DB Gavin Robertson
XFL Analyst
2023-01-20St. Louis BattlehawksPlaced on Injured Reserve:
DB Brendon White
XFL Analyst
2023-01-20San Antonio BrahmasOL Willie Wright was also activated off the Reserve ListXFL Analyst
2023-01-20San Antonio BrahmasSigned DB Kemah Siverand and OL Derrick KellyXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Seattle Sea DragonsSigned QB Harrison Frost from West GeorgiaXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Seattle Sea DragonsReleased DL Larry Tharpe JrXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Seattle Sea DragonsReleased RB LaDarius GallowayXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Seattle Sea DragonsSigned DB Bryce Thompson from the Univeristy of TennesseeXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Vegas VipersRB Taeylor Porter suffered a Pulled Hamstring Femoris Muscle and has been Placed on Injured ReserveXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Vegas VipersDL Roderick Henderson suffered a Foot Injury and has been placed on Injured Reserve XFL Analyst
2023-01-20Houston RoughnecksSigned LB Nate WielandXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Houston Roughnecks WR Nick Holley is signing with the Houston RoughnecksXFL Analyst
2023-01-20Houston RoughnecksSigned:
OL Sage Doxtater
OL James Moore

LB Koby Quansah
DB Antwon Kincade
XFL Analyst
2023-01-19Houston RoughnecksDL CJ Brewer has been activated off of the Reserve List XFL Analyst
2023-01-19Houston RoughnecksReleased TE Kyle FourtenbaryXFL Analyst
2023-01-18St. Louis BattlehawksSigned DB Nate MeadorsXFL Analyst
2023-01-17DC DefendersSigned Kicker Matthew McCraneXFL Analyst
2023-01-17Orlando GuardiansSigned DL Anthony Luke and DL Anthony KnightonXFL Analyst
2023-01-17Arlington RenegadesSigned LB Willie Taylor IIIXFL Analyst
2023-01-14Arlington RenegadesSigned DB Coby TippettXFL Analyst
2023-01-14Vegas VipersSigned DB Kevin McGill and LB James FolstonXFL Analyst
2023-01-14St. Louis BattlehawksSigned DB Bryce Watts and OL/DL Mike PanasiukXFL Analyst
2023-01-14San Antonio BrahmasSigned former Roughnecks LB Drew Lewis and CB Gavin RobertsonXFL Analyst
2023-01-06Arlington RenegadesSigned TE Jibri Blount, LB Raheem Bramwell, WR Kameron Brown, RB Jeremy Cox, OT James Fagan, DT Kaleb Prejean, DB Elijah Reed, C Mike Van Hoeven, WR Chad Williams and TE Dominick Wood-Anderson.XFL
2023-01-06DC DefendersSigned TE Trae Barry, WR Tariq Bitson, DE Malik Fisher, OT Jaylen Flye, OL Lawrence Keys, TE Bernard McCall, TE Tommy McIntyre, DB Nydair Rouse, RB Shane Simpson, WR ArDarius Stewart and QB Jordan Ta'amu.XFL
2023-01-06Houston RoughnecksSigned LB Tevin Floyd, TE Kyle Fourtenbary, DB Kenneth George, WR Jake Herslow, DE Ulric Jones, DB Antwon Kincade, RB Dejoun Lee, OT Shaquille Morris and DT Scean Mustin.XFL
2023-01-06Orlando GuariansSigned DT Ja'Quain Blakely, DB Baylen Buchanan, RB Logan Carter, DT Justin Foster, TE Vincent Hobbs, DB Elhassan Ibrahim, DT Armond Lloyd, WR Deddrick Thomas, DT Dalyn Wade-Perry and WR Jesus Wilson.XFL
2023-01-06San Antonio BrahmasSigned LB Jordan Anthony, DB Divine Buckrham, WR Trayvon Hards, OT Nathaniel Hines, WR Tabari Hines, WR Camron Lewis, RB Moe Neal, DT Nick Raby, LB Ty Shelby and WR T.J. Simmons.XFL
2023-01-06Seattle Sea DragonsSigned OT Jared Aiken, LB Joe Beckett, OG Adam Coon, WR Imoni Donadelle, RB LaDarius Galloway, DB Zafir Kelly, WR Kelvin McKnight, DT Howard Stephens, DT Larry Tharpe Jr. and WR Jamar Washington.XFL
2023-01-06St. Louis BattlehawksSigned WR AJ Greene, WR Hezekiah Grimsley, LB Marvin Moody, WR Bryce Nunnelly, DB Jakoby Pappillion, WR Caleb Vander Esch, RB Kareem Walker, DB KiShawn Walker, LB Brendon White and OT Jovaun Woolford.XFL
2023-01-06Vegas VipersSigned LB Cecil Cherry, TE Larry Dalla Betta, DT Tyran Dixon, DT Bryant Jones, RB Taeyler Porter, DB Najee Reams, TE Cam Sutton, OG Larry Williams and TE Jordan Wilson.XFL
2023-01-01Vegas VipersSigned QB Bryan Scott.XFL