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XFL scorigami

Post by MGB01 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:03 pm

With the scoring rules (especially a legitimate chance for a team to finish with 1 point) there's a good chance for the league to continue the scorigami phenomenon (yes it's a thing, check it out on Twitter).

A scorigami for those who don't know is a first-time game score. There's been 1054 in NFL history (including Chiefs over Texans this past weekend), granted a lot of that would include most of the league's first decade I would imagine, not having looked at the entire list. It would be the same as 40 of the 43 XFL games in 2001 (three finished with the same score as prior one) being scorigamis. So a 20-17 game, the most common NFL score which unbelievably never happened in the XFL in 2001, would be an XFL scorigami. Nice, but I'm aiming for something different. 26-25, the Demons over the Rage in the playoffs, which was the first one after they added the three-pointer, is a scorigami--there have been 26-25 games in college (most notably Miami over FSU in 87) but none in the NFL.

The Seahawks ended a nine-year scorigami streak (won all nine too), only one of those was a "normal" score that just never happened--the 58-0 massacre of Arizona in 2012. Everything else was 36-18, 36-25, 43-8, 36-16, 39-30, 37-18, 46-18, and 43-16. That has a shot of being a real thing in the XFL, and given how it's kinda grown in popularity over the years, hey the more the merrier.

The lowest possible would be 4-2 and when that happens I'm pretty sure that Jon Bois, the creator, would give a shout-out--there's a few XFL followers over there.

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