USFL's Dar ryl Johnston responds to league doubter

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USFL's Dar ryl Johnston responds to league doubter

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>> Daryl Johnston
I beg to differ Jim. It’s always Football first. The fate of the AAF and the XFL had mitigating circumstances related to Business. Ratings show there is a demand for the product. We are in the process of assembling a team of Football and Business people to make @USFL a success! <<

Could not agree more... AAF financing was a lie, and XFL got hit by Covid and Vince panicked and bailed. Both had positives going for the, but XFL ratings were Very Strong.

USFL mission is a bit different as its being targeted by FoxSports to fulfill a programming void they wish to fill. While the AAF was looking to partner with the NFL to cover cost and get a TV contract. And the XFL went big with ABC/ESPN & FOX/FS1 (the 2 biggest sports nets) with the hope of gaining a strong following over 2/3 years that they could translate into a large paying TV/Streamer deal. Of course Ultimately all 3 rely on TV ratings for success.
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