The New York Guardians Current 52 Player Roster (1/23)

MetLife Stadium, New York, New York
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The New York Guardians Current 52 Player Roster (1/23)

Post by MikeMitchell »

*Subject to change*


Offense: (25)

Quarterbacks: Matt McGloin, Marquise Williams, and Luis Perez (3)

- Released: Garrett Fugate

Running Backs: Tim Cook, Darius Victor, Justin Stockton, and Matthew Colburn (4)

- No cuts

Wide Receivers: Mekale McKay, Teo Redding, Colby Pearson, Joe Horn Jr., Austin Duke, and Justice Liggins (6)

Injured Reserve: DeAngelo Yancey & Tanner Gentry

Released: Dalton Ponchilla, Bernard Reedy, Darius Prince, Andrew Verboys

Tight Ends: EJ Bibbs, Jake Powell, Keenen Brown, and Jake Sutherland. (4)

Injured Reserve: Garrett Hudson

Offensive Line: Jarron Jones, Ian Silberman, John Kling, Avery Young, Damien Mama, Anthony Coyle, Brant Weiss, and Garrett Brumfield (8)

Released: Dejon Allen, Brian Fineanganofo, Bunchy Stallings, and Maea Teuhema

Defense: (24)

Defensive Line: TJ Barnes, Joey Mbu, Bunmi Rotini, Jarrell Owens, Charles Wright, Toby Johnson, and Cavon Walker (7)

Released: Victor Ochi, Andrew Stelter, Rykeem Yates

Linebackers: Ben Heeney, D’Juan Hines, Nick DeLuca, Frank Ginda, Ryan Mueller, Garrett Dooley, and Jawaun Johnson (7)

Released: Darnell Leslie,

Defensive Backs: Jamar Summers, Terrence Alexander, Dravon Askew-Henry, Demetrious Cox, DeJuan Neal, Bryce Jones, Andrew Soroh, Wes Sutton, AJ Hendy, and Ranthony Texada, (10)

Released: Tre Mathis, Aaron Taylor

Special Teams: (3)
Kicker: Matthew McCrane
Punter: Justin Vogel
Long Snapper: Scott Daly
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Re: The New York Guardians Current 52 Player Roster (1/23)

Post by StoneSentry »

Thanks for your detailed breakdown of the New York roster. I'm optimistic about our potential, especially at QB and secondary. Luis Perez is an interesting guy who turned some heads in the AAF and I don't think Matt McGloin ever got a real shot--not counting the Raiders as such because they were a hot mess.
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