What should the New York team colors be?

MetLife Stadium, New York, New York
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What should the New York team colors be?

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I would like to see New York incorporate White, Blue and Orange. The colors of the city flag. The Mets, Islanders, Knicks and NYCFC in MLS all have this color scheme but none of the New York pro football teams have it. Not the Jets, Giants or Bills. To make sure XFL NY doesn’t look like Syracuse. The team could have orange as an accent color rather than a main one. Perhaps having a white helmet. If it’s close to a Knicks styled football uniform. It could look like this.
C006FF5B-E27A-4EB7-91B3-F88CB9BE3F17.jpeg (40.85 KiB) Viewed 5194 times
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Re: What should the New York team colors be?

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I am not sure how I feel about that particular Knicks football jersey. Blue, White and Orange could work. There could be quite a few XFL teams with the color blue in their overall color schemes. Since there are so many different shades of Blue, you could probably get away with several teams having blue in their logos and uniforms. Orange is intriguing because it could be part of Tampa's color scheme.

If you are going with blue and orange. It's important what shade of blue, it actually is. You don't want to look the Broncos, Bears or college teams like Virginia or Syracuse.
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