Our offensive line.... sucks.

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Our offensive line.... sucks.

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Week one we lost because of an injury at QB and our defense was working with a short field for virtually the entire second half. Fixable problems.

Week Two we lost because Josh Johnson was still rusty coming off his injury. A fixable problem.

This week we lost because of a bad offensive line. Not only that, they've been trending this way all season. They were bad in week one, and entering today were the lowest rated o-line in the XFL, according to Pro Football Focus. The o-line hasn't had any injuries this season. The unit today is the best we got. This problem seems..... not fixable.

Yeah, Nick Novak crapped the bed, but that was one bad kick. The o-line had a bad game. A bad kicker is a weakness you can work around. A bad o-line is a fatal flaw.

I've been optimistic about our team, but I see no reason this problem is going to get better. Perhaps we can call some guys up from team 9. Maybe when Carter comes back we can work in a few more screen passes. Short of that, I don't know how you fix this problem in 2020.

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