Week 1 recap

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Week 1 recap

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Well, let's focus on what went right, first:

-Nelson Spurce was automatic. Easily the best slot receiver of the day (among all four teams). Good to know our QB may have a go-to target if things are looking rough.

-I was worried our secondary was going to be vulnerable but Harlan Miller and Ahmad Dixon looked great against June Jones' offense. Jalen Dunlap was the only one that really looked overmatched.

The unit definitely got out-paced in the second half, but they didn't get a lot of support in coverage from the backers (who are more rush-oriented), and could've gotten some support from the pass rush (more on that in a second).

-Elijah Hood looked solid. Too bad we had to pass so much in the second half.

-Nick Novak is likely one of the top kickers in the league. Too bad his clock management isn't great (but, in fairness, I though Moss should've gone for it).

What went wrong:

-I really thought our pass rush would be a strength. We applied some pressure, but never really disrupted the passing game. For now I'll chalk it up to a good Houston o-line, and some nice mobility and a quick release from Walker (seriously, barring an injury, I doubt we'll see Cook on the field any time soon). If our pass rush struggles against Dallas I'll start to be concerned.

-the o-line didn't look great, though Kanoff created a lot of problems for himself. Kony Ealy had a great game. Hopefully we have a better gameplan with blocking him in week 8.

-Kanoff definitely got rattled, but he showed some nice potential in the first half. Give him some more time work with Chow and I think he'll turn into a serviceable back-up. Though it may be a moot point, looks like he may have separated his shoulder in the 4th quarter.

Josh Johnson should be back next week, knock on wood. At the moment Jalen McClendon may be our only healthy QB. Maybe we can call up McCallahan if Kanoff goes on the IR.

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Re: Week 1 recap

Post by XFL_FAN »

On the bright side the Renegades didn't look too hot tonight. With Josh Johnson, we can take 'em.

Also, we're tied for that 2nd playoff spot in the West 8-) (gotta be optimistic, only week 1).
Playoffs are still in sight ;)
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