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The latter two. As I said in a post about two years ago when this all blew up, the main issue was that 2021 would be the year where it went from concept to thing (revenues begin to build, paying TV deal on horizon). When that wasn't going to happen, he pulled the plug. See even the NFL had a revenue drop in 2020, while that's not to be confused with actual losses, it might as well be when you have none (as opposed to a multibillion dollar revenue processor)

Even with the drop by midseason ratings were fine. Why? The traditional Saturday afternoon sports timeslot, vs prime time which usually is reserved for bigger platforms. Besides, it was generally accepted, though mostly by us, that it was going to take some time for teams to start building (which is the reason why college football and college basketball are usually pulled by about five or six teams, and even the NFL isn't setting ratings highs with Jaguars/Jets).
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