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Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:32 am
by MGB01
San Diego State clinches one more game at "The Dig", hosting the MWC Championship Game next Sat vs Utah State--the Aztecs' season opener in September against Arizona will be their new stadium debut, so this will be its last one. Kind of reminiscent of the Sunday Wildcats/Renegades game (that even had Todd Gurley and MGIII in the house), the Aztecs definitely with the red and black.

Also, Gonzaga lost their first regular season game since the PJ Walker/Tampa showdown.

Speaking of the Roughnecks, Dan Morrison and Dennis McKnight, who joined Jake Dickert's staff at midseason, are an Oregon State upset away from Wazzu heading to the Pac 12 CG against Utah.

So it was kind of an XFL day.