RBC hires NFL exec...

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RBC hires NFL exec...

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NFL Executive Kevin LaForce Leaving to Join RedBird Capital

https://www.sportico.com/personalities/ ... 234631323/

>>NFL executive Kevin LaForce, architect of the league’s media and investment strategies, is leaving to join sports-focused private equity firm RedBird Capital.

Led by former Goldman Sachs partner Gerry Cardinale, RedBird holds stakes in Fenway Sports Group, the YES Network and OneTeam Partners. LaForce will be a managing director, helping RedBird with its investments in technology, media and telecom (TMT), and sports.

LaForce has been the NFL senior vice president of media strategy and business development since 2017. In that role he’s helped negotiate billions in broadcast deals, including the NFL’s latest, announced in March, which are worth more than $110 billion over the next decade. LaForce played a key role in the NFL’s gradual addition of streaming partners to its traditional television lineup and led major partnerships like the NFL’s Genius Sports data deal. <<

Any XFL connection?
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Re: RBC hires NFL exec...

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CFL Fans: "F Redbird Capital! They are going to destroy our sport! We demand the Canadian Government do something! They must enact and enforce the Canadian Football Act into Law!"
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Re: RBC hires NFL exec...

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His background certainly fits the mold of a top executive that could greatly help out the XFL, especially when it comes to negotiating TV deals and his knowledge of the streaming game.

I'm wondering if this is what executive/front office hires for the XFL will look like going forward - being hired by RedBird rather than the XFL itself...that, or RedBird even transitions some people already under its umbrella into working on the XFL. Could result in fewer "XFL hires X" announcements, even if people are being reorganized/hired to work on the XFL through RedBird.
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Re: RBC hires NFL exec...

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MM said that the XFL’s plans were lofty. It seems to me that this is exactly the type of a hire a company would make to achieve those goals. Regardless of his role with the company, it looks like Redbird just upped their game.
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