Interesting comments from The_MarkCast's Reid

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Interesting comments from The_MarkCast's Reid

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Paul was out and Reid was leading the show with a guest younger XFLNewhub writer Matt.

The Interesting part was Reid seemed a bit deflated on XFL with the USFL news, but alternatively he seemed please that more alt FB coming and also that they rebranded the XFL_Markcast to The_Markcast a more generic podcast open to more alt-FB news. And they have been anyway so it made sense.

Reid said the USFL was great for the players, fans but "Horrendous" for the XFL. He also thinks the CFL attention is turning towards the money of legalized sports betting in Canada and interest in XFL (with CFL) is going down. He also said he's seeing anti XFL postings on social media jump. And even raised the question - what to me has been obvious - do people want a 12 month multi-media marketed PR league OR do they just want spring FB. To me its clearly the latter. The saying goes, "better to rule in hell then serve in Heaven".

My take... Been saying from 10/2020 that not playing in 2021 for XFL was a bad sign and bad move. The next day FOX TSL annoucement also translated to me as they had little confidence in XFL coming back. Then came the CFO job search only to be shelved again for "CFL" talks. AND with it a HOLD for 2022, now earliest looks like 2023. I posted that I wish they'd just say YEA or NAY instead of c##k blocking another groups attempt at spring FB. In the end the B Woods/FOX combo pulled the trigger on 2021 TSL and 2022 USFL. So at least my fears of a block didn't materialize.

We don't know if the USFL will succeed. We don't know really what the XFL plans are if any. We only know what's been stated, followed by reports and rumors. However we can read between the lines and use common sense. One thing I'd like to see is VM jump in with Fox and B Woods in USFL - money, expertise, and media PR know how. Not likely but would be great.
Good luck to all Leagues - Alt Football is NOT easy, cheap or for weak hearted. But we all want it on here so again good luck to all leagues.
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