TSN's Naylor provide Update on CFL-XFL talks

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TSN's Naylor provide Update on CFL-XFL talks

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https://www.tsn.ca/video/naylor-details ... er~2194605

>> TSN CFL Insider Dave Naylor joins Rod Smith to discuss the latest details surrounding the potential collaboration between the CFL and XFL. Naylor reveals that if the two leagues were to come together, it likely wouldn't occur until 2023.<<

>> He goes on to talk about how the likely hood of a collaborative XFL/CFL season would not happen until 2023.

“Based on my conversations, I think there’s a strong likelihood that if the two leagues were to come together, we’re talking about a 2023 collaboration. Just as we look at where we are on the calendar right now.

In May, if a season was to start, say, in March or April between the CFL and XFL, that gives us less than a year. You can look at the latest incarnation of the XFL. They had all their coaches hired within 10 months of the start of the season.

So I think when you look at the challenges, the CFL now going to play the Grey Cup, hopefully, this season in mid-December, I think it’s much more likely that we would see a collaboration if it happens for 2023.”

This coincides with reporting from our own Mike Mitchell that the idea of a 2022 season is a no-go. <<

I'm still trying to get a sound reason for buying a non-functioning league that remains dormant for 3 years vs starting a new one.

And the Timing is interesting - Day before the TSL season starts...let the (PR) games begin...!
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Re: TSN's Naylor provide Update on CFL-XFL talks

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Naylor is good but he is now turning to his own opinion as fact.

The CFL will never play Football in February, March, or April. the earliest would be May and after 1 season that would be a disaster.

The XFL or whatever the new name will be would have to understand it has to be a summer fall league and compete w/ NFL
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