3down: CFL might be making their own Super League-sized mistake

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3down: CFL might be making their own Super League-sized mistake

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>> The CFL might be making their own Super League-sized mistake by partnering with the XFL <<

https://3downnation.com/2021/04/26/the- ... h-the-xfl/

>> One of the biggest sports stories over the past week was the announcement, and incredibly quick demise, of the Super League. A group of Europe’s largest soccer franchises, wanting to make more money, hastily announced they were forming their own competition to rival the Union of European Football Associations Champions League.

The response from fans was swift and harsh. Near universal condemnation from fans and analysts alike — with one of the most vocal critics being late-night host James Corden — who used his show to offer a passionate rebuke of the Super League.

If you listen to what Corden had to say, you could easily see it applying to the CFL and its possible partnership/merger with the twice-defunct XFL. Hundred-year-old franchises built for the communities they play in; ownership groups buying into a league they don’t understand; and, most notably, that money is the only reason this is a consideration. <<

Of course money is the consideration, but I think the point is they may have no care for the CFL and its history.

>> And speaking of RedBird Capital, remember the Super League we talked about earlier? Guess who was one of the driving forces behind that. Yep, RedBird Capital, who just recently purchased an ownership stake in Liverpool F.C.

If they were willing to destroy a century of soccer tradition in England for a few extra dollars, imagine what they would be willing to do with a much less stable brand in the CFL. <<

I opined this as well - and MLSE may do the same thing - be careful CFL... fans. It may be a one way ticket.
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