Mike Mitchell on underlying concerns

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Mike Mitchell on underlying concerns

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And the Plot thickens

>> Mike Mitchell
Current and prospective players and employees of the CFL and XFL are concerned about the future.

Every indication that I have received to this point from everyone in the know is that there will be a 2021 CFL season.
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Mike Mitchell
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It's worth noting that CFL executives have been steadfast publicly that their talks with the XFL will not impact their 2021 season.

However, there are concerns, that a potential large scale merger of the two leagues, could lead to a revamp and reboot with a 2023 launch in mind. twitter.com/UnitedFBPlayer…
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Some of the comments....

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lol 2023 may as well play on mars
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At that point just give up LOL even I might give up on XFL at that point. Delay after delay after cancellation after going out of business twice. Just stop LOL<<

Could not agree more!
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