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Re: FCF - Fan Controlled Football League

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GDAWG wrote: Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:48 pm If the FCF can maintain costs, they can last. The problem is that the FCF is in a sport (Indoor football) where it's a contest between the IFL, NAL and CIF to see who has the biggest ego. The sport of indoor football would be much better and more stable if the three leagues ever worked together but that's never going to happen. Instead, the clashing egos of those three leagues have prevented the sport from being stable. Look at the outdoor game. One of the best things to happen to the NFL was it's merger with the AFL. The merger made the sport of outdoor football a lot more stable.
I think you misunderstand the situation with indoor ball.

Most of these leagues that play indoor ball play "small ball," featuring no-name players in no-name markets with next-to-no fans. Because of that, most of the teams can't even afford to cover travel expenses for a national league. I remember the SIFL, which came tantalizingly close to going national, but it ended up falling apart after a single year in 2011. That's why you don't see CIF go outside the Great Plains area or the AWFC outside the Pacific Northwest. (In a sense, though, it's less chaotic now than it was about 10 years ago when you had a half-dozen leagues scrambling to corner territory.) These leagues occasionally try to encroach on another's territory every once in a while (see the AAL's attempt to get into Texas) but that usually falls apart pretty quickly.

FCF, in that sense, is totally different. They're going for the national audience first and foremost, and arguably they're the first league to do that since the original Arena Football League. Furthermore, they're actually taking the measures to get that national audience by signing recognizable names. You would not see the NAL's Jacksonville Sharks sign Johnny Manziel. Indoor small ball is designed to be a product to cater to local markets. FCF is casting a much wider net. (Ironically, going the bubble route this year may have helped that since teams weren't tied to a local city.)
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Re: FCF - Fan Controlled Football League

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The FCF is also personality driven, allegiance to a team is not geographically or even demographically perpetuated. It's all about which "celeb" owner i.e. Lynch or Sherman do you like or relate to. Some may choose a team based simply on their name or logo as well. Due to the FCF's unique draft format, you may change teams based on their current of-the-week roster. It is a very unique concept but will it sustain?
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Re: FCF - Fan Controlled Football League

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FCF hasn’t had any info really for a while. We were told of a fall 2021 season in the weekday. Now it’s looking like it may be another spring season in 2022.

FCF has (basically) confirmed through its owners that news on its second season, named FCF 2.0, will be coming mid September, specifically either September 14th or September 16th.

More news actually came too. Owner of the league, Sohrob Farudi has basically doubled his net worth through crypto and is planning on creating two new expansion teams with one of them not owned by celebrities at all but by a community - the NFT community on opensea. For anyone not aware of what NFT’s are, to simplify, they’re basically online material that can be bought and sold and whoever buys it, has exclusive rights to it, this is bought through a website with crypto.

The importance of this isn’t really realized by people that aren’t technical but the assumption by the small amount of people that cover this league is that NFTs like this usually go for hundreds of thousands of dollars and with the league selling everything from the team itself, it’s logo, drafting, play calling, etc, league income should be boosted and the team will easily become the richest team in the league. Don’t really know the consequences of this yet but it could really change the landscape of the league. One guy purchasing the ability to draft that week for that team or choosing the playbook or even more, being able to bring better players to the league through a financial boom.
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