BREAKING: Season canceled.

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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by BengalErnst »

This really sucks a lot of ass. Unfortunate for a league trying to get traction
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by GDAWG »

It sucks, but it was the right option.
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by MGB01 »

Especially if you're in Washington state and you're gonna get to hear all summer about what a great job our governor did (yeah great job of horse****, was your health department that dropped the ball big-time by allowing Life Care, surprise surprise, to simply pay off the bookies a year after they were zapped for dozens of violations, and here we are)

Sure I shouldn't be getting into politics but, hell, we don't even have sports right now much less our beloved league, it's all we got.
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by Firecop »

What an incredible and unfortunate disappointment for a startup league halfway through its inaugural season; I find it very depressing. That said, it was most likely the correct thing to do. Ironic that the XFL didn't make it through its first season, like the AAF; although, for very different and temporary reasons. Looks like the long wait for the next season begins and year 1 was only a "preseason". Hopefully everyone will stay on this site and psyched up for 2021 - Go Dragons!
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by ozzies09tc »

this is super unfortunate. it was getting a good fanbase.

positive spin, people as a whole want things they cant have so this MAY increase demand for tickets/gear in to next season
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by freewheeler26 »

While it does suck I cannot say that it surprises me. NBA,MSL,MLB and now the XFL. I don't blame them it is the smart move but now all that is left racing or golf and I'm expecting them to end their season early at some point also. I don't watch racing nor golf so not a big loss. I just hope there is football in the fall still. Now I get to twiddle my thumbs and pretend I am a responsible human being. Yea me! :arrow: :| :|
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by jawbone62 »

Disappointing but the right decision. One that had to be made.

On the positive, this league showed how good this league can be. Good football was played.
Now the leadership can look at what was done right, what was done wrong, and come back with a even better league next year.
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by Regular Joe »

All sports should continue even if in empty arenas, the people will need a distraction and some normalcy in their lives.

My opinion.
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Re: BREAKING: Season canceled.

Post by nick1091 »

Really the only choice to be made when the other sports hit the pause button. I can only assume they came after the other sports because of the perception they’d be one and done (totally unfair in this case.) Best case they’re playing in empty arenas, sort of good money after bad because they’d still have to pay for flights, lodging etc with o ticket revenue to offset it - and that’s even if the players and coaches felt confident enough to play through this. Some of the coaches on staff are certainly old enough to be in the category the CDC recommends not travel, much less who has COPD, is diabetic, etc.

Hoping against hope they’ll have the opportunity for some kind of playoff (contracts running until May now seems fortuitous.). Also hoping they have enough of a financial sample size to project for years down the road, and maybe even think about contract models for player retention while they’re under contract. It’d be great for consumer confidence if they were able to sign some of the top performers to extensions.
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