Rule Book?

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Rule Book?

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Greg Parks article ... novations/ reminded me that opening weekend is nearly here and as far as I know, the full rule book hasn't been released.

Some rules/game play changes that I am a little concerned about are, KO, Punt, Conversions and Comeback Period. I have accepted and accounted for them in my perception on how much I will enjoy the league but am worried about how others will take them.

The KO is the biggest risk as right out of the gate we will see something unusual that will need explanation from the commentators. Some who remember the original XFL may see it as a gimmick and tune out. Quality of the play is crucial but you have to get there first. Actually having a return (hopefully?) will be big but it could have been done without the odd formation.

The punt will need plenty of explanation as teams may be going for it from around mid field quite often. I do expect to see some "quick kicks" from mid field on 4th and long.

Adding the 3pt conversion may be too much for some but may be exciting for others.

Like Greg mentioned in the article, I would prefer consistent timing throughout the game. The CP timing may not be noticeable depending on the situation but again, will need plenty of explanation to avoid confusion.

How will these and other rules/game play changes be received and how will they affect the viewership?
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