Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Tank55 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:42 pm

I'm thankful for this board and all of you! Talking XFL with people who are also excited and educated about it is always a highlight of my day. Thank you Mark for making this community possible!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by GoDogs » Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:38 pm

Ditto! Super thankful for like minded people who share my enthusiasm for XFL football. Thank you all for being part of my daily routine (I look forward to each and every one of your thoughts and opinions). Feb. 2020 can’t get here soon enough!

-Go Cats!!!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by johnnyangryfuzzball » Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:40 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

As a longtime alternative football fan, I've been watching football today—thanks to the wonder of the Internet— since about 10:00 a.m. Started off with a little high school match between Cumberland and Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Now, Woonsocket is a city of about 40,000, but it feels like a town about a tenth of that size. Its scoreboard looked at least 30 years old and beat up to the point where the numbers didn't even work right. But that little radio station in town, WOON, put together a surprisingly well-done online-TV feed. Minimal graphics, but they stationed a sideline reporter on the opposite side of the main camera. For the low budget they had to work with, the telecast was done quite competently.

Caught bits and pieces of Easton/Phillipsburg and the Baltimore high school matchup, though not as much as years past. The Missouri Turkey Day Game was a good one this year, as I listened in between Bears/Lions. Alas I missed the Turkey Day Classic HBCU game.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday, and the abundance of football is no small factor in that. Thank you to everyone here on the board who has allowed me to take part in discussing the XFL.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by MikeMitchell » Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:40 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by LeoNY » Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:48 pm

I am in a turkey induced coma but before I fade away. I am thankful and grateful for all the fans on here that believe in this concept. I enjoy reading all of your opinions and discussing various league topics. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Tron2020 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:24 am

Happy Late Thanksgiving Everybody !!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Firecop » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:45 am

Ditto to the above!
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