Former USFL players drafted in XFL 3.0

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Former USFL players drafted in XFL 3.0

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>> Currently there 21 USFL players that are currently on NFL payrolls, throughout the last three days the USFL had 18 of their former players get drafted to XFL teams. While the USFL had three of its players return to their teams (Tucker Addington LS, Matt Colburn RB, and Devin Gray WR), I’m sure the Brian Woods and company were hoping to retain players like Sal Cannella, Kyle Sloter, and Channing Stribling in effort to maximize name recognition, competition, and continuity for the league. Right now, there are 13 former USFL players currently as “free agents”, either waiting for an NFL to call, or maybe for the supplemental XFL draft in January of 2023.<<

I think its unrealistic to think that one league will not lose players to the other league, especially as FA’s – it happens in the NFL from team to team. 18 players (and maybe many more) represents less than 5 % of the roster size of all USFL teams and that excludes players cut or injured for the season. So its way less than 5%. The USFL likely made a mistake not signing 2 year contracts but with possible XFL on horizon it may have scared players from signing.
The spring FB wars are on, XFL may be opening checkbook more right now (mostly for QBs) but is it sustainable, that’s the big question.
Also with XFL playing first, it likely makes sense to sign with them as you can get money and even if cut can sign with USFL later.
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Re: Former USFL players drafted in XFL 3.0

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Hey <@&934785021884104775>, **USFLStars** just posted a new Tweet!

Looks like Williams is choosing the USFL over the xfl after being drafted by Arlington and signing with the stars anyway. Will be interesting to follow how many choose like he did
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