New Mitchell USFL article

The new USFL is set to play in 2022. Discuss it here!
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New Mitchell USFL article

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An in depth look at the potential positives and negatives for the USFL. Mike talks about some of what we have discussed on this board plus more!
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Re: New Mitchell USFL article

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Pretty much right on with everything, the short timeline has totally not helped. Sure it will be better than the AAF (Ebersol in that picture looked like Jim Tomsula in his introductory Niner press conference years back--um, um, um, uh, eh), but that's not really an accomplishment.

Good that they dodged the AB minefield, obviously he doesn't care much for his dad (Arena League Hall of Famer Touchdown Eddie) but is this something that these leagues need? In my CFL book it talks about Barry Wilburn, who had a 100-yard pick-six against the Vikings in '87 and it was two off the league record at the time, during Grey Cup week (he was playing for BC) and he had a rep of not being the greatest practice player, he told Dave Ritchie 'I'll shut em down in the game' and, voila, he did just that, helping BC upset the Stampeders (with Doug Flutie and Wally Buono), then Baltimore in the Grey Cup. He went back to the NFL the next year with the Eagles but he was doing work up there. With AB you'd get nothing but non-stop whining.

Nonetheless the old USFL, even going past Herschel Walker, could land guys like Marcus Dupree and all Big 10-LB Marcus Marek. It's up in the air as to whether this USFL even has that infrastructure in place. Simply raiding the transfer portal, which beyond the big names is full of guys that shouldn't be playing pro ball at this point, isn't enough.
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