Football rules...Dallas v LV: 38.5 million viewers

The USFL has hit the field. Discuss it here!
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Football rules...Dallas v LV: 38.5 million viewers

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Football rules and Dallas is a huge draw. ... n-viewers/

>> CBS announced today that the game drew an estimated 38.531 million viewers. That makes it the most-watched regular-season game since 1990.

This year’s most-watched World Series game drew 14 million viewers. This year’s most-watched NBA Finals game drew 12.5 million viewers. This year’s Academy Awards drew 9.9 million viewers.<<

And the week before... ... iewership/

>> America’s team and Patrick Mahomes combined to deliver the largest NFL audience of the season.

Sunday’s NFL national window (Cowboys-Chiefs in 93% of markets) averaged a 14.4 rating and 28.06 million viewers on FOX, ranking as the most-watched game of the season-to-date. The previous high was 26.75 million for Tom Brady’s return to New England in Week 4.

Excluding Thanksgiving, the telecast delivered the NFL’s largest regular season audience in nearly two years — since Week 14 in 2019 (mostly Chiefs-Patriots: 28.11M).<<

and CFB is killing it too. ... v-ratings/

This is why spring Football is returning. FB draws massive viewers on TV... period. XFL and to lessor degree AAF and TSL prove it. The TV nets need it. Fox especially as it has no movie studio or other large non-brodcast division. But they all need it. ESPN is locking up all sorts of sports - live broadcasting of sports is the key to network survival.

So bring on the USFL ! and Year 4 of spring football!
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