USFL on The Herd (FS1 & radio) - Scoop?

The new USFL is set to play in 2022. Discuss it here!
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Re: USFL on The Herd (FS1 & radio) - Scoop?

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herns wrote: Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:13 pm
4th&long wrote: Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:04 pm
herns wrote: Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:33 pm Moose Johnston said he’s pushing for a SA team for when the league expands west. He also said the reason for the bubble is fox identifies making it to a season 2 as the way to truly set it apart
I have no doubt SA would make a great attendance team, based on AAF Commanders. And I even like the name! But TV rules.

On setting apart. D Johnston may be correct but and that may be the PR reason. And quite frankly I agree with it. Chance of season 2 is wayyyy higher for USFL due to slow grow start in bubble. But its also because they did't have the bandwidth (time) to successfully launch in 8 markets. So it was really the only way to go... AND it mostly likely is by far the best chance for a yr 2. SO DJ is right.

Also - think how much easier it will be to sell tickets in markets with the games playing vs a new league with low profile pre initial kickoff?
I 100% agree, I think this is the smartest approach to spring ball we’ve seen. Keep costs down and ensure viability while trying to bring in additional funding
Its Brian Woods - he laid out the plan on "the_markcast" interview in late April / early May.
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Re: USFL on The Herd (FS1 & radio) - Scoop?

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Potential Stadiums after 2022:

Michigan Panthers- Ford Field
New Jersey Generals- MetLife Stadium or Red Bull Arena
Philadelphia Stars- Lincoln Financial Field or Subaru Park
Pittsburgh Maulers- Heinz Field

Birmingham Stallions- Protective Stadium or Legion Field
Houston Gamblers- NRG Stadium, PNC Stadium, Rice Stadium or TDECU Stadium
New Orleans Breakers- Cesar's Superdome or Yulman Stadium
Tampa Bay Bandits- Raymond James Stadium
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