ESPN & CFB influence... Is there a spring FB impact?

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ESPN & CFB influence... Is there a spring FB impact?

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I bring this up, well because its FB and its Sports TV....but also why Fox is looking to court spring FB. Fox has no NBA or NHL contracts, does have MLB and NFL, MLS and CFB but they also have the only viable cable sports network to really compete with ESPN. They have along of sports to fill. ESPN, with Disney's market cap, can afford alot more than much smaller Fox. ESPN is really cornering CFB and many sports. Fox needs something they control and isn't expensive. This is just more information to back that up. Interesting read overall on Big12 AAC and ESPN infuence... ... adb7b.html

>> ESPN’s investment includes a reported $3 billion for SEC football as of last December, when the network took that property from CBS, and ownership of an SEC Network that was valued at $4.77 billion one year into existence in 2015.

ESPN’s investment in the AAC is $1 billion, the reported value of that 2019 contract that left CBS scraps of Navy football and various basketball games.

ESPN’s investment in the Big 12 is joint with FOX. That media rights deal, dating back nine years, is reportedly worth $2.6 billion.

To read between the lines is to understand ESPN’s stake in consolidating media market power at the other networks’ expense, and FOX’s in particular if the Big 12 goes under. It is cornering that market, or close to it, when you also consider ESPN’s reported $7.3 billion investment in the College Football Playoff.<<
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