TSL MEGA BOWL and Season Ratings

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TSL MEGA BOWL and Season Ratings

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The MEGA Bowl ended the TSL well (if not great) with a solid 418k viewers on a weekend that was insane perfect weather in much of the Cental/NE. There was NO lead-in broadcast either....

https://twitter.com/ByMikeMitchell/stat ... 1083601921

>> Mike Mitchell@ByMikeMitchell
@TheSpringLeague finished off their season on 6/19 with 418,000 viewers on FOX as the Linemen edged the Jousters 26-23 to win the Mega Bowl.

Over seven weeks, The Spring League averaged 408,000 viewers per telecast on FOX. <<

https://xflnewshub.com/xfl-news/the-spr ... um=twitter

>> The Spring League On FOX Weekly TV Ratings

Week 1: 380,000 viewers, Generals-Jousters 5/8
Week 2: 448,000 viewers, Alphas-Conquerors 5/15
Week 3: 408,000 viewers, Generals-Blues 5/22
Week 4: 365,000 viewers, Blues-Sea Lions 5/29 (edit 4th&long: memorial day - bad weather didn't help much in NE)
Week 5: 380,000 viewers, Generals-Sea Lions 6/5
Week 6: 461,000 viewers, Jousters-Sea Lions 6/12
Week 7: 418,000 viewers, Linemen-Jousters 6/19

The Spring League Overall TV Ratings Analysis

The viewership numbers that the Spring League achieved in seven weeks on FOX, FS1, and FS2 were vastly improved from last fall. In 2020, TSL averaged only 30,000 viewers on FOX’s cable networks. <<

My early prediction was 450k-650k depending on promotion - which was now missed by 42k on low end, 10% - not by alot. Now we know why Fox spend no time promoting TSL as they will be shifting to a brand MUCH more well known (like the XFL was in 2020) - The USFL. They didn't waste any real $$ promoting the TSL and got pretty darn good numbers for a ultra-low cost league.
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Re: TSL MEGA BOWL and Season Ratings

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Interesting that the 12:00 start (6/12) drew the most viewers--send this to David Shaw and Joe Castiglione STAT!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't want to see a ton of those, not cause of any manufactured concerns, but for any possible negative effects on ratings of staggered starts--maybe the occasional doubleheader?
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