AAF’s Final Week TV Ratings

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AAF’s Final Week TV Ratings

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I planned on posting this Tuesday but all hell broke loose. All these numbers will be key for comparison down the road. It would have been cool to see how the ratings would have been for Saturday’s game on CBS, and the playoff games/championship.

AAF Week 8 TV Ratings

Saturday Afternoon 3/30 on TNT

Orlando at Memphis did a 0.16 rating. They ranked 42nd out of 150 cable shows. The broadcast drew 469 thousand viewers.

- Not bad at all. Down from where it debuted on TNT with over a million viewers but considering the competition. The league did exceedingly well with TNT

Saturday Night 3/30 on NFL Network

San Diego at Salt Lake

- No reported rating. The game did not crack the top 150 shows on cable. This was by far the league’s worst and lowest rated prime time game. Without a registered rating, it’s fair to guess that it was probably in the 0.03 or lower range.

Sunday Night 3/31 on NFL Network

Arizona at San Antonio did a 0.08 rating. 268 thousand viewers. The league’s last ever game ranked 100th out of 150 shows on cable.
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Re: AAF’s Final Week TV Ratings

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Honestly these aren't too bad when you consider that NFL Network isn't accessible to everyone.
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