AAF suspending operations.

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Re: AAF suspending operations.

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Sounder wrote: Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:34 pm Oh man.....after the latest article I read.....it seems Dundon s only real goal was the gambling technology and the whole making a deal with the NFL was not much more than a smokescreen to set people up for the imminent shutdown.....and what a horrible way to do it. He hurt a LOT of people. It's not even certain if his investment and position in the AAF really entitles him to own it. There will be court battles ahead. Vince McMahon only played an evil billionaire on television...... Tom Dundon is the real deal. He does deserve a chair bash to the head.....perhaps a slam through a table as well.
He saved the league from collapsing after week 1. He didn't think the league was worth it, pulled the plug and got the app as a safety net. People are making this seem way worse than it is.
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Re: AAF suspending operations.

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https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2 ... echnology/
Dundon doesn’t own that technology, and his investment in the AAF doesn’t give him the ability to abscond with it.

The ultimate explanation for Dundon’s decision is much simpler. As one source with knowledge of the dynamics explained it to PFT, Dundon signed on to kick the tires. Once he realized how expensive it was to own and operate a sports league, he initially tried to cut costs. But that resulted in a cutting of functionality.

He then pinned the league’s future to a deal with the NFL for permission to borrow its bottom-of-roster players. The NFL Players Association has received the bulk of the blame for the inability to strike a deal. The more logical position, however, is that the AAF wouldn’t have been significantly better off with low-level, largely no-name NFL players, and that the issue ultimately provided P.R. cover for Dundon having a basic, bottom-line-driven change of heart.

That change of heart won’t make him the owner of the gambling technology, which may become the thing for which the AAF is most remembered.
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