AAF Epilogue

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AAF Epilogue

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What would the rosters of the XFL reboot look like if the AAF were still in business and the 200 or so players selected in the recently completed XFL draft weren't available.
It just proves that at least on a player level.....the AAF was a solid league with the best next level talent available.
It's still just around a third of the total player population.....so this draft has found what I think is an upgraded total roster of talent. I'm glad it turned out this way because the XFL offers what I think a major spring league should be .....bigger markets.....better tv. I'm hearing a call for bigger names to be added from the supplemental draft because there's still a belief that casual viewership leading to better ratings will decide the fate of this. I like the brandings better.....though the AAF had some good ones.
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Re: AAF Epilogue

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On the bigger markets and better TV, we shall soon see.

Of course, without the AAF, it is tighter for players who want to land a pro-football job.
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