Season was a failure

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Season was a failure

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Well, I took some time to reflect after losing on Championship Sunday. Long story short: this season sucked. We went 9-1 in the regular season all for what? To lose in the championship? TO A 4-6 FOOTBALL TEAM? I quite literally feel ill while writing this. I've been an avid Defenders fan since watching their first game. In my eyes, I only see one solution to this dumpster fire of a season. Fire everybody. From top to bottom, this franchise needs a revamp. Clearly, these players, and coaches, just didn't had what it took to go all the way. All 32 NFL teams made cuts this week. Time for the front office to get their hands dirty and pick up some quality players before it's too late. Defenders' fans, am I the only one who is worried. We need to do something, fast. GO DEFENDERS!!!
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Re: Season was a failure

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I completely agree I fully believe we should fire every person in the front office and the coaching staff and have our owners sell the team. We need a new direction 1 loss seasons are an embarrassment to the DC fan base. But as always DC Strong. Go Defenders.
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Re: Season was a failure

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See threads like these are why I hate football fans.

9-1 and made it to the championship game and you want to FIRE everyone?

The fuck is wrong with you two? Let me guess, if they don't win the championship next season, "you're done watching them", huh?

You guys suck. Really suck as fans. Fairweather as fuck.
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