Vipers possible uniform leak?

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, Florida
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Vipers possible uniform leak?

Post by GregParks »


This was posted on Twitter earlier today, and I believe later deleted by the user. XFL Newsroom got a screenshot of it, which is shown above. They also did some investigating on why this may be legit: ... rsey-leak/

So...if true...what do you think?
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Re: Vipers possible uniform leak?

Post by johnnyangryfuzzball »

No sleeves? Interesting.

But the overall layout definitely leans more toward the basic side than the elaborate, but not enough to dismiss it as a practice jersey.
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Re: Vipers possible uniform leak?

Post by GoDogs »

Pretty standard. Hopefully they incorporate the Viper head on the helmet, and not the fanged “V”. If they have to use the”V”, put it on the collar or sleeves. (But the Viper head looks cool on the jersey).

Kinda looking forward to the home jersey tho!
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Re: Vipers possible uniform leak?

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Re: Vipers possible uniform leak?

Post by zellie »

I hope as well that the viper head is on the helmet.
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