12 January 2001
Bolts Make the Right Move
By Sonny Sanders - Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter

The Birmingham Thunderbolts are making great decision. From signing great players like James Bostic, Stephret Williams, and Kevin Drake to having a Rick and Bubba section with discounted season tickets. But the hands down best move that they have made has been signing Jay Barker.

The former Alabama quarterback is one of the most popular players to ever wear the crimson jersey for the Tide. He is even well respected by the Auburn fans.

Barker is a soft-spoken young man that gives the game everything he has and then gives all the credit to God. His faith has served him well. He is the kind of leader that a team needs to succeed. Whether he is the starting quarterback or the backup will not prevent his positive attitude from affecting the team in the best way possible.

He is a winner.

He has given creditability to the Thunderbolts that may have been lacking. If Jay Barker is in the league then it MUST be real. The increase in ticket sales is proof that he has had an immediate impact on the team. If he can win the starting position and provide the magic that he had while at Alabama then the Thunderbolts will get the fan support that they want. Crimson Tide fans are loyal to their former players and will support them. Barker will even have Auburn fans cheering for a hometown hero.

The Thunderbolts have made a great decision with Barker. If they continue to make these kinds of decisions then the Thunderbolts will do very well in Birmingham.