XFLBoard.com: Players of the Week

Week 5 ... The Fans Have Spoken!

In the past 42 hours XFLboard.com has received 4,755 counting votes for XFL Players of the Week. The votes have been tabulated and here are the results:

XFL Offensive Player of the Week

Pat Barnes
San Francisco Demons
43.3% of Fan Vote

Pat Barnes gave Demons fans something to cheer about when Mike Pawlawski was out with an injury. Barnes connected with receivers on 10-of-15 passes for 99 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for 42 yards and another score in leading the Demons in a decisive win over the Bolts.

Fan Comments:

"Three touchdowns! Best QB of the week!"

"Stepped in to save the Demons Day!"

"Should be #1 regular starter on any other team."

"Are we sure he isn't related to Brohm?"

Runner Ups:
Kevin McDougal - Chicago Enforcers - QB - 19.2% of fan vote
Tommy Maddox - LA Xtreme - QB - 18.2% of fan vote.

XFL Defensive Player of the Week

Jamal Duff
Defensive End
Los Angeles Xtreme
34.1% of Fan Vote

"Deathblow" lead the LA defense in the Xtreme's decisive win over the Hitmen.

Fan Comments:

"Delivered the "Deathblow" to the Hitmen Offense."

"Helped hold the Hitmen to only 7 points."

"Awesome INT. Great game!"

Runner Ups:
Jermaine Miles - San Francisco Demons - 24.1% of Fan Vote

XFL Lineman of the Week

Shante Carver
Defensive End
Memphis Maniax
33.6% of Fan Vote

Shante Carver lead the Maniax defense to another strong game. "Shaka" was also the perpetrator of a mind numbing hit on Rage QB Jeff Brohm which took him out of the game.

Fan Comments:

"Chaka was all over Rage in the Asylum."

"The hit he put on Jeff Brohm, and his consistent domination of lineman proved he's the best lineman in the league."

"This is a fine example of the talent in this league any one who does not believe this is real should get hit by him."

Runner Ups:
Jermaine Miles - San Francisco Demons - 18.1% of Fan Vote

XFL Special Teams Player of the Week

Terrell Sutton
Kick Returner
San Francisco Demons
22.1% of Fan Vote

Closed out San Francisco's win over the Bolts with a 47 yard punt return for a touchdown.

Fan Comments:

"Completes the Demon's domination of the Bolts!"

"Capped the Demons day with a 47 yard punt for a TD"

"Not his team's usual punt returner but he still got in on this scoring explosion."

Runner Ups:
Jose Cortez - LA Xtreme- Kicker - 17.4% of Fan Vote
Brian Shay - Orlando Rage- Kick Returner - 10.9% of Fan Vote

XFLBoard.com will be announcing the fan's choice for the XFL Players of the Week every Tuesday @ 1900 EST. Voting will normally commence immediately after the end of the final XFL game in any given week. The XFLBoard.com Players of the Week are based on votes collected by XFL fans worldwide.