XFL will allow Athletes to own their Performance and Biometrics Data

In advance of a scheduled series of player combines, the XFL has announced a partnership with Breakaway Data, a, innovative sports analytics company.

As per press release, “The XFL will utilize BreakAway’s full suite of products and advisory services, including its athlete data software (BreakAway mobile app), player biomechanics assessments (Field Labs) and its athlete management system (Stacks), to enhance the XFL’s player development and technology strategy. The XFL will also use BreakAway’s technologies at its upcoming showcase series”

More importantly, the XFL has enabled players to retain the rights of the collected biometric and performance data, and not the football league or any third-party entity.

“As a League, we are committed to putting athletes first and setting them up for success both on and off the field,” said Doug Whaley, Senior Vice President, Player Personnel, of the XFL. “Athletes should have full access to their data, and with BreakAway’s technology, all XFL players will be able to track their performance and progress in one place.”

And player data will be collected. Players who are signed to an XFL roster will have access to performance data that will be uploaded into their “BreakAway” app, which can log data from any source. Leading up to and throughout the season, XFL teams will organize performance data using BreakAway’s athlete management system, Stacks, which connects to the apps and gives players and coaches a modern engagement, development and communication tool.

“The data we collect for athletes in the BreakAway app is their personal scoreboard to measure progress and get the most out of themselves every day,” said BreakAway Data CEO David Anderson. “The age of athlete data ownership is long overdue. It’s fitting that the XFL, a league known for its innovation, is now giving players the ability to look deep within themselves and understand everything about their performance through the lens of data. It’s a new way of doing things, a better way of doing things.”

The XFL seems to be making good on their promise to create a truly player-centric football league.

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