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XFL Vipers wide receiver Reece Horn is ‘ready to roll’

“100% yes. I would be ready to roll if I got a call tomorrow. Hands down.”

Reece Horn

TAMPA, FL – MARCH 1: Reece Horn #18 of the Tampa Bay Vipers celebrates after a touchdown during the XFL game against the DC Defenders at Raymond James Stadium on March 1, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/XFL)

An electric wide receiver, an all-around great athlete, those are just two ways to describe the Tampa Bay Vipers wide receiver Reece Horn.

Starting out

Horn would play college ball for Division II Indy. He would go on to have a great college career, which was covered in a previous article more in-depth. Just a quick rundown, Horn would set countless records and win countless awards, literally just about dozens of both. He is an excellent athlete on the field. Taking an overview of his college stats will prove him why he deserved and earned every single one of those awards.

“My favorite college memory would be balling with my QB Connor Barthel and breaking record after record. All credit goes to him and them boys up front at O-line,” Horn remembered.

Horn didn’t let coming out of a small school hinder his success at all. After college, he would sign to play in the AAF for the Memphis Express. On the Express his quarterbacks are both well known to XFL fans, and even casual football fans. The Seattle Dragons quarterback Brandon Silvers, the other would be Johnny Manziel, so Horn has had some notable quarterbacks tossing him the ball even before his time as a Dolphin or a Viper.

Diving in as a Dolphin

The Division II product would sign with the Miami Dolphins after the AAF folded. He would stay through the preseason.

“Last season with the dolphins was incredible. Learned so much from that organization to apply to my game all across the board and still in a great relationship with several of the guys there,” Horn said.

Horn showed off his athleticism and adaptability in Miami by being able to make the transition from a small school to the NFL. Some guys have a bit of a ‘culture shock,’ but he came in and looked like an NFL wide receiver.

Drafted close by

Horn would be chosen by the Tampa Bay Vipers in the XFL Draft and he would stay nearby in the Sunshine State.

“Absolutely loved getting drafted to Tampa,” Horn said. “I was in Miami when I got the call and saw the news.”

After being undrafted in the NFL, being drafted to the Vipers would lead to a great season and all-around great showing for Horn.

Vicious as a Viper

Horn would see action in every game, and quite a bit of it. His lowest catch game was five, and his high was 11 total catches in the final game against the Los Angeles Wildcats where he also recorded a touchdown.

“I learned that the XFL is the real deal and an absolute necessity for America when the NFL is not playing,” Horn said. “A lot of great talent out there that don’t find their way onto an NFL roster that needs to ball and get exposure. XFL is the platform to do so. ”

On 36 total receptions, 27 catches, Horn would rally 240 yards receiving for an average of 8.9 yards per catch.

“My favorite XFL memory was that first win at Raymond James when we shut out D.C. at home. Loved balling out with the boys in front of our home city like that,” Horn recalled.

That shows how Horn is a team player which sometimes gets taken for granted nowadays. He cares about the team as a whole getting the win and coming in with his contributions to the victory however he can.

Ready to go

Throughout all that has been happening in the year 2020, Horn has not let the adversity stop him from staying in game-ready condition.

“I work out 5-6 times a week, all various kinds,” Horn said. “100% yes. I would be ready to roll if I got a call tomorrow. Hands down.”

Horn is one of the more athletic wideouts on the market, he looks even stronger now than during his XFL time wgere he was tearing it up. His numbers on his XFL trading card show that he comes in at 6’3, 217 lbs, he is a big and strong receiver but also has some hidden speed as he runs a 4.67 40-yard dash time.

“I’d say I’d model my game after a hybrid of Adam Thielen/Travis Kelce. I love watching those 2-run routes, stay patient, get open, and catching the ball in traffic all over the field,” Horn said. “Not the fastest guys, but they have great patience, vision, and route running to create separation and get open to move the chains.”

Kelce is frankly the best tight end in all of football right now. Horn is strong and fast just like him, while having the quickness and elusiveness of Thielen all in one. Horn really is the complete package deal. If needed he can even return on special teams.

Looking for what’s next

Shockingly, Horn is not on an NFL roster at the moment. He surely is one of the most underrated wide receivers on the market right now. Assumedly, the main reason he is not rostered is probably due to the dire lack of tryouts because of COVID. If it wasn’t for that, a team would have bit for Horn months ago.

“I would consider a great deal coming back to the XFL is the timing lined up. I’m excited to see what the Rock, Ms. Garcia and RedBird Capital do with the whole league both on the field and off the field.” Horn stated.

If an NFL team doesn’t catch Horn first, we could see an XFL return which would be awesome.

Horn is a great player with an all-around great attitude. With a lot of drama and things coming from NFL players, Horn is the total opposite. Some of the traits of his are great leadership, great team player and always looking to improve and win the game however it needs to be done.

If players like Antonio Brown are in the league after all the off-field shenanigans, why shouldn’t Horn? He is a great player and has no attitude issues, he leaves it all on the field every single play.

Moose Gibson has been involved with football long as he can remember, but no league does he love as much as the XFL. He is a huge fan of the Seattle Dragons, his favorite players are Brock Miller and Brandon Silvers. You can follow him on Twitter @midnightxmoose.

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