XFL Team Logo Bracket – St. Louis Battlehawks logo is the winner!

Which XFL logo is the best?

Though seven round of voting, fans have decreed the St. Louis Battlehawks logo is the best of this bunch.

St. Louis Battlehawks Logo San Antonio Brahmas Logo
Orlando Guardians Logo Seattle Sea Dragons Logo
DC Defenders Logo Houston Roughnecks Logo
Arlington Renegades Logo Vegas Vipers Logo

Thank you to all who voted!

Voting Results

  1. Round 1 – Seattle Sea Dragons (58%) beat Vegas Vipers (42%)
  2. Round 2 – San Antonio Brahmas (73%) beat Arlington Renegades (27%)
  3. Round 3 – St. Louis Battlehawks (78%) beat Houston Roughnecks (22%)
  4. Round 4 – Orlando Guardians (53%) beat DC Defenders (47%)
  5. Semi-final 1 – San Antonio Brahmas (63%) beat Seattle Sea Dragons (37%)
  6. Semi-final 2 – St. Louis Battlehawks (61%) beat Orlando Guardians (39%)
  7. Championship Round: St. Louis Battlehawks (62%) beat San Antonio Brahmas (38%)

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