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XFL rule testing with “Your Call Football”

Jim Zorn,  Marc Trestman, and Pep Hamilton observe XFL rule testing with “Your Call Football”. (Photo source:

XFL head coaches Jim Zorn (Seattle), Marc Trestman (Tampa Bay), and Pep Hamilton (Washington D.C.) recently spent time working with “Your Call Football” in another test of the proposed XFL rules.

Your Call Football” is an interactive football competition where online spectators call the plays via a smartphone app.  Now in their second season, games are held on Monday evenings and played by relatively high quality players who are largely recent cuts from NFL and CFL rosters.

As well as “Your Call Football,” the XFL has also tested their proposed rules with community colleges, and is partnered with the Spring League to continue to test the league’s unique set of rules during their upcoming Spring 2019 season.

Additional details regarding the XFL’s proposed rules may be found here on

The amount of XFL rule testing being undertaken seems impressive, especially when compared to how the original XFL was rolled out in 2000-2001, with little chance to test the rules.

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