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XFL Expansion Poll: Fan Choice – Results

Over 12,000 responses were received to the question, “When the league is ready to expand, where do you think it should go?”

At XFLBoard, we feel it is important for XFL fans to give their opinion, something we have practiced for over twenty years. After all, fans are the ones who buy the tickets, scoop up the merchandise, consume the hot dogs, stack the beer cups, and cheer for their team, week in and week out. Without the fans, the league would be nothing. That’s why we give the fans a voice.

This past week we proposed a question about XFL expansion. Now, we realize the new XFL owners have indicated they would not be considering to expand to other cities in the next season. But, we have been hearing plenty of expansion suggestions from fans. So, since we wanted to know what the fans thought, we proposed the question:

When the league is ready to expand, where do you think it should go?

XFL Fans were able to submit three unranked choices, along with optional reasons/remarks as to why they felt their choice was valid.

We accepted all submissions, and then removed any instances of multiple entries from the same IP address, thus nullifying any cases of “ballot-box stuffing.” Then we sorted the votes and counted them up! In total we had 12,793 valid votes.

Are you ready? Here are the results!


Downtown San Antonio, Texas

Downtown San Antonio, Texas (Image credit)

1. San Antonio, Texas (1241 votes)

The fans said:

  • San Antonio fans will be very supportive, guaranteed!
  • Rabid fans who embraced the AAF Commanders. Nice indoor stadium.
  • Keep the AAF name and logo for an already solid base.
  • Texas is football crazy, San Antonio is a large market, Commanders did good.
  • Look at the San Antonio Commanders when AAF was around.
  • Huge market and they outdrew all other AAF cities by almost 8500 per game.
  • Great venue, football hungry city/area with a population base to support it.
  • They supported an AAF team which drew crowds of 30,000.
  • 1.5 million people.
  • Texas loves football – No air travel for four teams small foot print.
  • Large central Texas city.
  • Dallas and Houston both have XFL teams already. It’s San Antonio’s turn.
  • Because Texas is big enough for 3 teams and just needs and opportunity to prove it.
  • Showed they would come out for minor league football with that other league.
  • Already have a stadium and deep in football country.
  • This city is a gold mine for a football team.
  • Big metro, needs professional sports.
  • The fact of the matter is that San Antonio is one of America’s largest city with great fans.
  • No-brainer! Support for AAF was outstanding.
  • Area is starved for a football team, and they avidly support their teams.
  • San Antonio has a long history with football with multiple teams like the Gunslingers, Riders, Commanders and even hosted the Saints in 2005. The fan base in San Antonio was electric during the AAF days, as SA averaged around 27,000 fans per game and led the AAF in attendance. If another team comes to Alamo City, fans are going to hop onboard.


San Diego skyline at night

San Diego skyline at night. (Image credit)

2. San Diego, California (1063 votes)

The fans said:

  • They have been aching for a team since the Chargers left. Big market.
  • The City has a rich history of Professional football going back when the Chargers played for 50 years in San Diego.
  • Great football town.
  • Big market without pro football.
  • New SDSU stadium is perfect size.
  • San Diego residents has always supported their football team.
  • New Stadium, Large Market.
  • Duh? AAF Fleet games were phenomenal.
  • Fleet did well there.
  • Natural rival for Los Angeles.
  • Similar to St. Louis. Had an NFL and the fans would probably enjoy having their own XFL team.
  • Like St. Louis, they were wrongfully scorned by the NFL.
  • They need football back in SD.
  • They deserve a team, don’t they?
  • No NBA team to compete.
  • Great fanbase that supported the AAF Fleet. Great weather.
  • Warm weather, Pro team moved.
  • Lot of chargers fan with no team.
  • Proved viable with the Fleet in the AAF.
  • Former NFL market without a team now.
  • LA is and will always be just a tourist destination. SD will support a team after losing the Chargers.
  • Large city with no professional football team since the Chargers left. XFL could fill that void.
  • San Diego is a great football City and the weather is great all year round.
  • There will be a new college stadium by 2022. It could be shared.
  • They lost the Chargers and have no football team similar to St. Louis they love football and want it back and with no NFL team there should be perfect.
  • The St. Louis BattleHawks showed us one big thing last year and that is the XFL will do very well in cities who’ve recently lost their NFL franchise. The consistently outsold the rest of the league in ticket sales.
Birmingham, Alabama Skyline

Birmingham, Alabama Skyline. (Image credit)

3. Birmingham, Alabama (774 votes)

The fans said:

  • AAF team/ hungry for football.
  • Great fans. Past success.
  • Football town.
  • College football is big and no pro teams of any sport.
  • AAF did well there great fans but play in new soccer stadium.
  • New Stadium waiting for team.
  • Dedicated football culture that embraced the Iron.
  • City Council is clamoring for a team. Attendance for AAF was decent. Bring back the IRON!
  • Alabama needs pro football.
  • Another great spring location with great fans.
  • Had a team with the AAF so we know they could host a team and in states like Alabama football is like the economy so there is a lot of opportunity.
  • Largest city in football hungry state. Showed good support of AAF.
  • They love football.
  • Proved viable with the Iron in the AAF.
  • The Iron had city and fan support during the AAF.
  • The city is desperate for professional football. It’s likely the city would subsidize the team which would make it financially prudent.
  • Football history and passionate Fanbase.
  • Strong non-NFL market.
  • It was one of the most exciting atmosphere and fans in the first set of teams.
  • Alabama fans were surprisingly open to the AAF team.
  • No pro football team in Alabama or Mississippi.
Oakland Skyline

Oakland Skyline. (Image credit)

4. Oakland, California (484 votes)

The fans said:

  • It would bring a lot of profit since the Raiders left.
  • They need a team and have a empty stadium.
  • The rabid BattleHawk fans showed how much they missed having a football team. Giving the old Raider fans a new team to go and see live without having to travel into the desert would ensure a strong loud fanbase.
  • Fill void of lost NFL.
  • Strong football market.
  • City needs football.
  • Bring football back to Oakland.
  • Warm weather, pro team moved.
  • Not only because of the lack of an NFL team, but has links to the Bay Area from the original XFL.
  • Could appeal to dejected Raiders fans. Potentially have the same situation as St. Louis. Also create a California rivalry with Los Angeles.
  • Oakland is a great football City and the fans love football if you can play San Diego and Oakland against each other you would have to great franchise which love to compete with each other or against each other that’s a win-win situation. Just ask the NFL about Oakland and San Diego playing against each other.
  • The Raiders fanbase was great when they were in Oakland which is what the XFL needs.
  • This is the perfect area for the XFL to compete with the NFL. Loyal Raiders fans had to watch the NFL took away their beloved team to Sin City and fans would easily sell out the Oakland Coliseum.


Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline. (Image credit)

5. Chicago, Illinois (459 votes)

The fans said:

  • City can support 2 football teams.
  • Chicago people supported St. Louis BattleHawks. Give them their own team.
  • Big market that supported the XFL the first time around.
  • Great American Pro Football City with lots of history as well.
  • Largest U.S. market without an XFL team; potential rivalry with St. Louis?
  • Football town!
  • We love our football here and an XFL team would fit right in. They could play at SeatGeek Stadium, which hosted the Chicago Fire for over a decade.
  • Location, location, location.
  • St. Louis needs a rival and Chicago is perfect.
  • Huge fan base….the bears still suck.
  • SeatGeek stadium is waiting.
  • Huge TV market.
  • It feels wrong for a pro sports league not to have a Chicago team.
Portland, Oregon Skyline Sunset

Portland, Oregon Skyline Sunset (Image credit)

6. Portland, Oregon (442 votes)

The fans said:

  • No pro football, great fans, rival for Seattle.
  • The city is ripe for football.
  • Just flat-out needs more than the Trailblazers.
  • Natural rival for the Seattle Dragons. City on the rise population wise.
  • Other than NBA, no professional sports teams but a passionate fan base.
  • Suitable stadiums, big city, no NFL competition.


Lake Eola and Orlando skyline

Lake Eola and Orlando skyline. (Image credit)

7. Orlando, Florida (434 votes)

The fans said:

  • Great football market fairly large tv market.
  • Orlando loved the Apollo’s when they were there briefly. Not only is Orlando a larger tourist destination, which could bring in tourist crowds, it is also a large market for football in general.
  • Rivalry with Tampa.
  • Great football fans in Orlando.
  • Orlando has a hunger for a football team. Supported the Apollos very well in the AAF.
  • AAF success in attendance.
  • Orlando was one of the cities that performed well in the AAF. People who were fans of the Orlando Apollos in the AAF would transfer right over to the XFL to continue supporting a professional football team.
  • TV market size, rivalries, stadium available, cheap state to operate.


Columbus Ohio Skyline

Columbus Ohio Skyline. (Image credit)

8. Columbus, Ohio (349 votes)

The fans said:

  • Soccer stadium, football state in the middle of a lot.
  • 2nd largest population Midwest.
  • Ohio is a huge football state. The only one of the three sports cities that doesn’t have a football team is Columbus. Simple as that.
  • Great college football town.
  • Nestled right in the heart of Americas football country.
  • Another option for fans than only Browns and Bengals.
  • Highest TV ratings for non-local teams. College town would bring in spring tailgaters and create interest. Dozens of Ohio State alumni to be the face of franchise.
  • Ohio is hotbed for high school and college football.
  • Great football city and state with great tradition.
  • Large city, only pro team is the Blue Jackets.
Philly Skyline

Philly Skyline (Image credit)

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (340 votes)

The fans said:

  • Passionate fans.
  • Philly needs more football.
  • Philly bleeds sports.
  • Huge TV market and loyal fans.
  • Greatest sports city in the country.
  • The Eagles have a die hard fan base so that would be a perfect bet to try and tap in that market of fans.
  • TV market size, rivalries, reduced travel exp, MLS stadium available, least expensive NE state to operate.
  • Good sports city.
  • In sixth most populous state, already has a football stadium, and is a big football city, fans are leaving the Eagles due to disappointing start, perfect time to grab it.
  • Energetic, charismatic fan base.
  • Philadelphia fan will be there to enjoy year around football.


Omaha, Nebraska skyline.

Omaha, Nebraska skyline. (Image credit)

10. Omaha, Nebraska (272 votes)

The fans said:

  • Huge college hub. Long been looked over for pro football team.
  • The state has no other professional sports teams and they love college football. They would embrace the team wholeheartedly.
  • Great support and for the Nighthawks in the UFL.
  • This prairie city deserves a football team.
  • While in the UFL, they averaged just under 23,000 per game in 2010.
  • Nebraska has no national team but to go into a fresh market could open alot of doors.
  • Nebraska is a huge football state, but the only team we have to support is the Cornhuskers. A pro team in NE would certainly be a plus for the XFL. People say the market just isn’t there in Omaha, but I can assure you that Nebraskans would really to support their new team.
  • Lots of football fans, no pro team.
  • No professional team. Large city close to Iowa.

More Results

Cities with at least 50 votes, ranked:

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah – 264 votes
  2. Memphis, Tennessee – 255 votes
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada – 247 votes
  4. Louisville, Kentucky – 204 votes
  5. Detroit, Michigan – 179 votes
  6. Denver, Colorado – 170 votes
  7. Austin, Texas – 162 votes
  8. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 153 votes
  9. Boston, Massachusetts – 136 votes
  10. Atlanta, Georgia – 128 votes
  11. Cleveland, Ohio – 119 votes
  12. Des Moines, Iowa – 111 votes
  13. Toronto, Canada – 110 votes
  14. Miami, Florida – 102 votes
  15. Kansas City, Missouri  – 102 votes
  16. New Orleans, Louisiana – 94 votes
  17. Phoenix, Arizona – 90 votes
  18. Nashville, Tennessee – 86 votes
  19. Phoenix, Arizona – 85 votes
  20. Tulsa, Oklahoma – 82 votes
  21. Charlotte, North Carolina – 77 votes
  22. Raleigh, North Carolina  -77 votes
  23. San Francisco, California – 69 votes
  24. Albuquerque, New Mexico – 68 votes
  25. Buffalo, New York – 66 votes
  26. Canton, Ohio – 65 votes
  27. Honolulu, Hawaii – 63 votes
  28. Dayton, Ohio – 61 votes
  29. Lincoln, Nebraska – 60 votes
  30. San Jose, California – 55 votes.
  31. Sacramento, California – 54 votes
  32. Mobile, Alabama – 51 votes
  33. Richmond, Virginia – 50 votes

XFL fans have spoken!

Do you agree with these results? Comment below.

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