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XFL Co-owner Drops Hints

Dany Garcia hinted, “We are months from hitting the field.”

dany nails xfl

Dany Garcia is dropping hints that the XFL should not be forgotten.

The ownership group of the XFL has been very quiet. However, Dany Garcia has just began to drop tidbits of information. Small hints that the XFL is not forgotten.

In a recent interview with E! News, Dany was asked about becoming the first American woman to hold an ownership stake in a major professional sports league.

“The entire experience has been life-changing for me, Dany said. “The enormity of relaunching this league combined with the complex strategy and partnerships executions we are cultivating for the benefit of our athletes and audiences is a 24/7 impacting event… While it is no small task and we are months from hitting the field, it’s humbling to see that following my passions has had such a positive impact in other people’s lives. It gives me joy to hear that this acquisition inspired others to take a leap in their own careers.”

That’s right. In the first time she has mentioned the XFL in months, she said the league was months from hitting the field.

Does this mean the XFL plans to play in 2022?

On Wednesday 9 June, Dany Garcia dropped a hint on Instagram, innocently showing off her blue nails, but also showing her laptop in the background with the cover sheet of an XFL document, “XFL Content Plan Deliverable 6/4/21.”

We can only guess that the dropping of hints are a reaction to the USFL 2022 announcement.

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