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XFL 2001

XFL Cheerleader Bares All in Nude Pictorial and Interview in Mystique Magazine

Bonnie-Jill Laflin, cheerleader with the Los Angeles Extreme.

SOURCE: Mystique Magazine

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 15 — It had to happen. Bonnie-Jill Laflin, a cheerleader with the XFL’s Los Angeles Xtreme football team and one of the models in the national TV commercials for the league, speaks frankly about the XFL in a no-holds barred interview and nude pictorial published today at Mystique Magazine’s website.

Accompanying the sexy pictures from a recent photo shoot in Costa Rica is an interview with Bonnie-Jill about what is really happening on the XFL sidelines and going on behind the scenes of the XFL PR machine.

Among the highlights:

“I decided to do the XFL because for me it was great exposure and I hoped it would help with my sports broadcasting career,” she says in the interview. “But what they have shown so far on national TV is girls looking like strippers, and it looks like we may not get all the breaks we thought we would get.”

As someone who has cheered for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, Laflin says she was embarrassed and humiliated being on the sideline of last Saturday night’s nationally broadcast game in Los Angeles. “Everyone was drinking and there were tons and tons of fights,” she says in the interview.

“Tons of people were arrested, beer was being thrown, and people were throwing dollar bills at our platforms where we were dancing, like in strip clubs. It was so out of control and reminded me of a (Oakland) Raider game, but triple that. Most of the guys don’t even know what’s going on in the game. They’re there to get drunk. I was very upset at the way it was handled. Towards the end of the game all the police were in riot gear. It was scary and I was kind of embarrassed.”

Laflin says an XFL representative told her squad that Playboy might be interested in doing a feature on the XFL cheerleaders. However, she chose to appear first on Mystique Magazine’s website because she says Mystique Magazine’s pictures are better than Playboy’s. “Everything from the outfits we wear, the make-up, the hair — everything, just looks better than Playboy,” she says. “Mystique is classy. There will be people that think it’s bad just because it’s naked shots. In anything you do you make decisions knowing it can be for the worst. I think there are going to be some times when I reach a dead end when people see that I have done nudity, and I know that getting in to it. But I think in the long run it will end up helping me.”

The complete interview, in both text and audio format, plus photos of Bonnie-Jill is available at Mystique Magazine’s website.

Prior to cheering for the XFL, Laflin cheered for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers of the NFL and was the NBA cheerleader of the year in 1994 with the Golden State Warriors. She has appeared on hit TV shows such as Baywatch and Ally McBeal. She also has been featured in numerous commercials, has modeled for Frederick’s of Hollywood, and appears in national print ads and billboards for companies such as Budweiser. She is a sports expert, and has been a guest on Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, and One on One Sports.

Mystique Magazine is an interactive online magazine that features daily news and photos from the world of beautiful women, as well as an online TV show Girl Watcher which takes viewers to the hottest places in the world in search of every-day beautiful women.

SOURCE: Mystique Magazine

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