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XFL BattleHawks kicker Taylor Russolino is looking to take a shot at the NFL

To the next team who has Russolino suit up for them, know you’ve got yourself one hell of a leg ready to score some points.

Taylor Russolino

XFL BattleHawks kicker Taylor Russolino is looking for an NFL spot. (Credit

The team that scores the most points wins the game. Easy enough. Historic names line the Football Hall of Fame featuring prolific scorers like Jim Brown, Marshall Faulk, Jerry Rice, and Randy Moss. But not a single one of them has the title of most career points scored in the NFL or any football league for that matter. 

The honor of most career points belongs to Adam Vinatieri, a kicker. 

Kickers are the guys who can save the day when an offense gets stuffed, but also have their names dragged through the mud if a dreaded double doink occurs. 

The XFL has been making its mark on NFL rosters through training camp so far. Names like PJ Walker and Jordan Ta’amu are out battling for roster spots. These guys made an impression during the XFL season to get a shot at the next level, and many others like them are vying for the same opportunity to try out for an NFL team and get their shot too. 

Someone with as good of film at their respective position who has not yet gotten their fair shot is NFL free agent and former St. Louis BattleHawks kicker, Taylor Russolino. 

Russolino put on shows with his leg during his time in the XFL. Time after time he had his number called when his BattleHawks offense could not finish the job for 6. And time after time, Russolino finished his job for 3. 

During the pandemic shortened 2020 XFL season, Russolino drilled 9 of 10 field goals. To boot, he holds the XFL record for the longest field goal at a blistering 58 yards. Compared to the NFL, only one longer kick was made in the entire 2019 season. Russolino earned All-XFL Midseason Team honors as a testament to his kicking ability. 

Russolino has shown on the second biggest stage he has both the distance and accuracy to anchor a team’s special teams division. His 2-step technique sets him up to accurately drill kick after kick, with plenty of leg to spare for getting the ball downfield on kickoffs. He brings live game experience at a professional level where he has proven success in high leverage situations. This is a notable feat that should be propelling his resume to the top team lists. 

Check out Russolino’s film. It lets his leg do the talking.

YouTube video

As an added bonus, Russolino has professional experience as a punter from his time in the CFL in 2017. Now more than ever with the uncertainty of COVID-19, the versatility of being able to cover both positions with a single roster spot is a significant value add for any team looking to bolster its kicking core. 

One-on-one conversation with XFL BattleHawks Kicker Taylor Russolino

Taylor is actively working out and staying in peak football condition waiting for his call and was kind enough to chat with me about his time in the XFL. Highlights from our conversation are below. 

Q: How did you feel when the XFL shut down this spring?

Russolino: Very surprised honestly. We thought for sure we’d be back at some point. From the current and recent news though, we just might be!

Q: What made the XFL standout during its premiere season?

Russolino: The ability for players to be themselves and especially the player/fan engagement. It made the excitement level that much greater!

Q: What was your favorite XFL specific rule?

Russolino: Loved the kickoff rule honestly, it was new, so teams really had to strategize for themselves and learn from what works and what wasn’t working. 

Taylor went on to say, in true kicker fashion, that he would love to see field goals have its own rule for extra-point attempts, something more adventurous in the 50+ yard territory. Otherwise known to him as a sure thing. 

Q: If you got the call to play in the XFL again, would you?

Russolino: Absolutely.

Taylor shared the same excitement echoed by fans about the new ownership group and he believes The Rock has some big plans that will really bring the league back to life. 

To wrap things up, I wanted to give Taylor the stage to talk to any coach, scout, or anyone with a connection as they pass by about why he is the right kicker for an NFL or XFL team. 

Russolino: Not a single human out there has worked as hard as myself to accomplish such a dream, not a single human WANTS it as much as I do, and not a single human is AS READY as I am! Mentally and physically I could not be any more prepared!

The XFL was full of talent. While some have gotten their shot at the next level, many more are out there who are deserving and who will continue to grind day in and day out. Taylor Russolino is one of them. 

To the next team who has Russolino suit up for them, know you’ve got yourself one hell of a leg ready to score some points.

Mike has been writing with XFLBoard since the start of the 2020 season. He admires how sports come together in a great community and is excited to be part of it. Join him on Twitter for daily discussions and news as it happens.



  1. Jeff Russolino

    August 26, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Given a chance to complete, he will not let you down. He’s more than ready for the opportunity!

  2. Kaw Kaw

    August 26, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Taylor Russolino kicked the lights out for the BattleHawks. He deserves a shot at the NFL. He earned it.

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