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Will we see XFL BattleHawk kicker Marquette King back in the NFL?

Former XFL St. Louis BattleHawks kicker Marquette King is always ready to kick in the NFL.

Marquette Kking

Former XFL St. Louis BattleHawks kicker Marquette King is always ready to kick in the NFL.

The NFL this year has been crazy, especially with specialists. There are quite a few teams who are on their third or fourth kick or punter, including the Jacksonville Jaguars kicker carousel and the Los Angeles Rams on their third starting kicker.

While the former Oakland Raider, Denver Bronco, and St. Louis BattleHawks punter Marquette King is still a free agent, there is no reason for him not to be signed with an NFL squad, especially in the COVID-19 plagued year.

King has a great kicking pedigree, and could easily be a starter for an NFL team.

Booting punts as a BattleHawk

Marquette King came into the XFL and absolutely had taken it by storm, leading the league in punt average with 45.7 yards per punt on 19 punts, six of those landed inside the 20-yard line. Keep in mind that was done with the ever so challenging XFL ball that was known as a menace to punters and kickers.

King was a crowd favorite in St. Louis. The fans went crazy anytime he let a big punt fly, which was practically every time.

King has had some massive punts captured on film, some having 5.4 seconds and more of hang time. That is astonishing, some punts struggle to hit 5.0 second but he is doing even more.

One of the NFL’s best

The former BattleHawk while in the NFL always had one of the best punts in the entire league, this is with the normal NFL football which is what really shows off his stats.

On a career total of 446 NFL punts King averages 46.7 yards per punt, and a 41.1 net with a long of 72 yards, adding the cherry on top on two of his punts were ever blocked in the NFL. You look at those numbers and you just instantly see an NFL punter who is making the Pro Bowl every year, nope that is a free agent’s numbers, it is baffling.

His stats from the NFL are currently better than over half of the entire league’s punters. Currently, there are five NFL punters hovering around 40 to 42 yards per punt, keep in mind that is four to six yards shallower than King averages.

Staying loose

King looks like he is making the most of getting film of himself by making videos of himself hitting trick shots punting the ball.

King makes it look easy to hit these wicked punts. It would be awesome to see an NFL punter challenge him, just to really prove how good King is, he lives and breathes punting which is just fabulous.

One that just proves what King is all about is this punts that it drops perfectly in the basketball hoop. a sedentary target, not a return man that tcan run around the ball and amke it look better than it is. No, this is a basketball hoop, just crazy for a punter. There are some quarterbacks who cant even do that let alone punters.

Better days ahead

King really shows that he never gives up and always stays positive, he serves as an inspiration to many punters of all ages.

On Twitter especially lately, he has been interacting with fans quite a bit letting them know how hard he is training and the time he puts in to be as good as he is.

At the absolute minimum just sign King to a practice squad if you are weary because he hasn’t played in the NFL since his days in Denver two years ago in 2018. He will show you that he is very capable of hitting massive punts like he did his entire football career.

The time is here, there is really no reason to not sign Marquette King.

Moose Gibson has been involved with football long as he can remember, but no league does he love as much as the XFL. He is a huge fan of the Seattle Dragons, his favorite players are Brock Miller and Brandon Silvers. You can follow him on Twitter @midnightxmoose.

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