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Will Johnny Football make a comeback?

“Currently the starting QB of [Bob Menery’s Zappers]. Time to tear old town down in my owners honor,” Manziel said.

John Manziel parties at Arkansas @ Texas A&M game.

John Manziel celebrates at Arkansas @ Texas A&M game.

Former Texas A&M quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, John Manziel has been a part of few pro leagues outside the XFL, as he has made stops in the NFL, CFL, and AAF.

It should be pointed out that he never got a shot at the XFL, which is an outcome fans of the league are completely split on. Some wished he would have gotten a shot, and and many others feel he has had his shots, and his participation in the league would have brought it down.

The last we heard of Manziel, was a TMZ report that said Manziel had retired from football.

In September 2020, when a TMZ reporter cornered Manziel and asked about the chance he would consider playing in the XFL under the new ownership of Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, et al, Manziel said bluntly, “I’m retired, dude.”

Now, three months later, TMZ has brand new breaking news about Manziel’s football career, and it looks like the 28-year old will be making a comeback in the Fan Controlled Football League (FCF).

First of all, I’d like to point out that when news of your football future breaks on TMZ, something has gone wrong with your career path. It is true that some of Manziel’s past is the fodder of a gossip news site, so the TMZ coverage is well earned by Johnny Football.

Second, the FCF is not the NFL, but it is a place where Manziel could demonstrate whether he still has the talent and skills that made him a Heisman winner.

The FCF is a four-team league which plays under the concept that every decision is made by fans via an app. In the TMZ report, it is expected that Manziel will quarterback the Zappers, a team owned by New York Mets pitcher Trevor May and Internet comedian Bob Menery.

An arena football-style league, the FCF is planning to kickoff in February 2021. Games will be live-streamed on Twitch.  Other big names like Quavo, Mike Tyson and Marshawn Lynch have also signed on to be team owners.

According to TMZ, Manziel even posted about the opportunity on social media.

“Currently the starting QB of [Bob Menery’s Zappers]. Time to tear old town down in my owners honor,” Manziel said.

We wish Johnny Football all the best. We will surely be watching his comeback on FCF.

The football landscape will be barren at that point in time. We have to watch something.

Johnny Manziel 2014 Browns training camp (Credit)


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