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Why is it in the XFL’s Best Interest to Tap into the Female Football Fan Base?

Why it is in the XFL’s Best Interest to Tap into the Female Football Fan Base?

In the “old days” when men joined clubs, ones that intentionally excluded women, there is no doubt that some women craved to be part of that inner circle. Women have simply resisted to succumb to the expression “It’s a man’s world”. Women are pushing through barriers, moving past stereotypes and rolling up their sleeves by showing they are capable of being part of the sports world. After all, more women are playing college sports, women are breaking into the refereeing profession, women are appearing in the football coaching realm, and becoming reputable in the analyst role. Why? Women want to be part of the club and prove they are competent in talking football.

So, why is it in the XFL’s best interest to seek out and involve female fans?!

Just think, if all those players on the field got their moms, wives, fiancés, girl friends, sisters and she-friends on board to going to an XFL game… this could lead to more ticket sales, more butts in seats, and more noise to hype up the environment.

Okay, with females being a viable market, how can the XFL draw female fans?

Female consumer behavior is important; including drinks that women tend to lean towards such as white claw, skinny margs, lighter beers is a good start. However, I recommend looking deeper into their intrinsic wants and engaging them through emotion in a meaningful way:

1.       Women want to feel venerated and appreciated all while socializing/ bonding with other like-minded women with gripping stories. Make time during an XFL game where players honor women who have inspiring stories; cancer survivors, served in the military, selfless mothers, etc. Have them walk on the field, and highlight their resilience! It’s a plus that they are there to watch their baby, their boo, their big brother, etc.

2.       Women who are mothers always want what’s best for their child. Have a players meet and greet for moms to take their little ones to. If the kids are excited to attend games, not only do moms save time in the baby-sitter search, but more importantly it can have such a positive impact on young ones who so often look up to pro athletes.

3.      Women also care about safety. If the XFL can make an obvious effort to show how they are working on helmets to reduce concussions or enforcing rules that protect players, women with connections to players on field will feel comforted and encouraged to support their men in their love for the game (on or off the field).

4.      Beyond women’s nurturing qualities, women are multi-tasking, productivity seeking beast who love efficiency. The XFL should emphasize their efforts towards shortening the game, making it more fast paced and action filled, thus being an attractive sporting event while not sucking out too much time from the weekend.

5.      Last but not least –yes, I’ll be the one to write it –women love to capture moments and are lured to “basic”, picturesque scenes. Why not set up backdrops for all those Instagram enthusiasts. Give them a reason to post a fun-conversation-starter picture of them attending an XFL game!

Women want to be involved! Let’s get more chicks in football stadiums!

Yours truly,

The XFL Chick

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