TOGETHXR has filed a lawsuit against the XFL

A lawsuit against the XFL, as reported by TMZ Sports, was filed on Wednesday, four weeks after TOGETHXR’s Sue Bird and her fiancée, Megan Rapinoe reacted negatively to the XFL’s new “X” logo.

In the lawsuit, TOGETHXR claimed the XFL’s logo, which was debuted on April 6, looks and feels “confusingly similar to TOGETHXR’s brand and logo.” They provided the following side-by-side comparison.

Representatives of TOGETHXR claimed they made “repeated attempts” to contact the XFL and its legal team, while claiming the XFL has “failed to acknowledge that it has tread on TOGETHXR’s rights.” TOGETHXR wants the courts to force the XFL to stop using the X logo, plus undefined damages.

On April 7, Sue Bird had taken to Twitter to express her disappointment in the XFL’s logo announcement.

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