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The XFL in San Jose

By “NStarz” Ha – San Jose Demons Team Reporter

The XFL is coming to San Jose. But despite having the greatest NHL Fans in the country (according to the NHL decibel reader), there is only a little whimper of cheer. But this isn’t only in San Jose, every other city are more tired than enthusiastic about having the XFL coming to their town.

Why? The question should be change to “who?”. Who started the XFL? Everyone knows when they heard it, it was from Vince McMahon. And everyone knows that he owns a successful Pro Wrestling Company. The problem is that he has as much WWF fans as Pro Wrestling haters. In a recent Poll I did for my web site, XFL ONLINE, I asked the question, “Will the XFL be better than the NFL?”. The results came after 245 votes with, “Nope!” as the leading vote.

Then I asked about it in my San Jose Sharks club for their opinion about the XFL. I got one vote saying that it would be great. But I also got five votes saying they are against it. Most of the comments are similar to those I have read. They either say something relating to the WWF or that it will die in two years or go as low as Women Professional Basketball. Like jk_idcrease puts it, “…it is a sham, It’ll go under in two years…”.

So what is the team name? I heard of Cyborgs, Shock, Engineer, Sting Rays, Dragon, Stampede, Gold and Silicon. In my web poll, Shock is in the lead, just behind Sting Rays. I didn’t include Cyborgs because I created it before reading that suggestion. But that name sounds “extreme” and because San Jose is the capitol of Silicon Valley, I think we deserve a computer related name.

There is no rumor about who is going to be the coach. But he should be announced within a few months. Or by February 2001, the starting date for the first XFL season.

Team colors! I don’t know what color San Jose wants, but since there are many San Jose Sharks fan, it should somewhat resembles the TEAL. San Jose is also known as Teal Town, USA. Teal (bluish-green or greenish-blue) can mix with black and it will look sharpe and extreme.

Why are people against the XFL?

People are against it is because there were so many other football leagues other than the NFL. There is NFL Europe, Arena Football, CFL, USFL (Heard it died out) and College and local High School Football. So the XFL aren’t playing during the NFL, but they sure are playing with the other football leagues.

Well, you heard why the XFL might not live, but here are some reason it can live.

As an XFL supporter said, “paid to play, paid MORE to win.” That is true it has been said that the team that win a game gets a bonus of $100,000 to split up. So the salary may be a little lower than NFLE, but you can make it up by having a perfect season! Another plan by the XFL is that it will mike at players, coaches in field and off field. So we can finally hear the coach half-time speeches. Other changes are rumored that they will have no fair catches, no extra points, and no penalty for dancing after making a touchdown!

As for my opinion on the XFL, I am a supporter. Lately the NFL has been doing a lot of things that I fine unnessary or just dumb! One if muffling the crowd noises and that would take out a lot of “home-field advanatage”. They also made a new rule a few years back about not dancing after the touchdown. I heard they only restrict to team dances, but I am agaisnt it because it takes more than one person to score a touchdown! You have to include those linemen for blocking!


… the San Jose team reporter, “NStarz” Ha, who will be covering all aspects of the San Jose team from a fan’s perspective. “NStarz” is a true XFL Fan, he is also the webmaster of another XFL fan site, XFL Online.

Above, you will find his first article which was written just prior to the team name announcement.

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