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Santa has one last gift for Outlaw Fans!

By TheGrandonGang – Las Vegas Outlaws Team Reporter

26 December 2000 – After watching the Monday Night Football competitive fiasco (hurry up XFL season!), it was off to the kitchen for one last libation. When I returned, who should I see on TV but the Las Vegas Outlaw Cheerleaders. The Las Vegas ABC affiliate runs a show after Monday Night Football called Monday Night Quarterback in which they review the pro game and then discuss the local sports scene.

Tonight, the show was broadcast from the beautiful Venetian Casino on the ever-popular Las Vegas Strip. And, as a wonderful last-minute surprise gift from Santa, they had four beautiful representatives of the Outlaw dance squad. The camera managed to show the girls, in their signature leather outfits (as described in an earlier article), quite a few times but they were only interviewed once and briefly. It actually was pretty funny because the camera showed a young lady playing Mrs. Santa, with hardly anyone near her, and then went to the cheerleaders. When the shot went to the cheerleaders, the camera was turned around to show the dozens of fans who came from around the world on Christmas just to see the Las Vegas Outlaw cheerleaders. (OK – just maybe they were in town for other reasons too!)

It’s nice to know how hard our Outlaw Cheerleaders are working for us fans, sacrificing part of their holiday to promote the team. It shows just how committed they are to making the Outlaws a huge success. Thanks to the ladies for their time and effort. (And, honestly, the season can’t start soon enough!)

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